Galaxy takes a bath

Recently my Galaxy S3 went for a swim, and while I was able to get it all dried out, my touch-screen (a very important part indeed) refused to work. I took it to the shop explaining what was wrong and they insisted giving it a chemical bath was the best route to take, and of course, that didn’t work.

They said it was the best way to go because the cost of a new Galaxy S3 is far cheaper than the cost of replacing the screen, their cost being $120, just for the part.

Sure, I’ve had this phone for a while and it probably is a good idea to upgrade anyway. My concern is while I do have a sd card, not all my important documents have been transferred. My first stop is then YouTube, good golly, it just can’t be that hard to replace a touchscreen. I then find out that it isn’t!

check out the video below…

But before I can change the screen, I must find an affordable replacement. Off to EBay I go. I find a low cost screen for $50 (it even comes with a few tools). Now this is for the touch screen, not just the glass. Changing just the glass, btw, is much more difficult and time consuming.

So in the end, it was an easy fix. I was able to save my information. Go me!


Oh, and yes, I did also upgrade my phone. This new one should last me a few years, and it’s water resistant too, that’s a plus.

By Kenneth T.

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