Caffeine & Sugar

Back in the eighties, Jolt Cola was all the rage and it was vilified because of its “All The Sugar And Twice The Caffeine” content… laughable by today’s standard. hahahahahahaha

Jolt Cola 16 oz (2- servings)
Calories 200
Carbs 50 g
— sugar 50 g
Caffeine 160 mg

Red Bull 20 oz (2.5- servings)
Calories 275
Sodium 250 mg
Carbs 67.5 g
— sugar 65 g
Caffeine 189 mg

Mt Dew 12 oz (1 serving)
Calories 170
Sodium 60 mg
Carbs 46 g
— sugar 46 g
Caffeine 54 mg

Coffee 8 oz (black)
Caffeine 95 mg

***While too much of anything is bad, I’ll still take the sugar over what man-kind has created as a substitute.***

I have my favorite caffeine+sugar vice, do you?







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