10 Reasons Why You Should Never Feed Your Children

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The government is meddling way too much in our private lives and bullying us around with their food pyramid scheme. What ever happened to that thing called “freedom”?Image source: momdishesitout.com Recently, about 100 children became infected with measles in an outbreak, and everyone has been quick to blame the parents who…

The Processed Food Matrix

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Remember the scene in “The Matrix” where Neo has the choice of taking the red pill to open his eyes to the reality of what actually is, or taking the blue pill and remaining comfortable, but blind to the reality of things? A similar choice occurs within The Processed…


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Company Recalls More Than 200 Million Eggs Due to Salmonella Scare Nearly 207 million eggs produced at a farm in Hyde County, N.C., are being voluntarily recalled because of concerns of contamination with the salmonella bacteria, the egg company announced. In a statement, Rose Acre Farms of Seymour,…

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

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Many people love their morning cup of joe. Not only is this caffeine-fueled beverage a great pick-me-up, it’s also loaded with beneficial antioxidants and nutrients (1). What’s more, some people find it can jump-start the other end of their body. In fact, one study found that 29% of participants…

Deepfakes and fake media are coming for our memories

Doctored photos can easily create false memories. What happens when there’s fake video? By Brian Resnick@B_resnickbrian@vox.com Seeing is believing. And because of this fact, we’re screwed. Due to advances in artificial intelligence, it’s now possible to convincingly map anyone’s face onto the body of another person in a video. As Vox’s Aja Romano has explained,… Continue reading Deepfakes and fake media are coming for our memories

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The Unknown Children

Hwy A3 – Botswana – Google maps – 2012 Six-year-old Otilia cried herself to sleep every night for the past two weeks, ever since mother sold her to the man. The man took her and four other children in a truck, hiding them in big boxes. Now she was at her new home, the mansion…

Scary Medical News

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Saturday and a day of rest and relaxation…..the garden will be the spot for my day’s work…… In the past we have had several different diseases that had the potential of becoming our next world-wide pandemic….Ebola and the Bird Flu are first to come to mind. There is a…

Victims of our own confinement

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We decorate and gild our cage Make it nice and decorate The confines of our own entrapment The bars of our own restraint And we focus so much on this That life passes us by And we see nothing but this And do not see we live a lie Imprisoned within…

Harmful effects of being overweight underestimated

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? The harmful effects of being overweight have been underestimated, according to a new study that analysed body mass index (BMI), health and mortality data in around 60,000 parents and their children, to establish how obesity actually influences risk of death. Previous studies have suggested that the optimum BMI, at which…

Behind the masks

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Whether a Doctor, a Radio Personality, a Sailorman, a Robot, a Penguin, an Extra-Terrestrial, a Cross-Dresser, a Boy who was never supposed to grow up, or a Genie…..the masks we hide behind are only what we present to the world. But often times, we are trying so…

Fermi paradox…

Simply put: is the contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Huh? Why is the solar system, galaxy, universe so large if we (humans) are the only ones? How about this: *** We have been in contact but it is not on a global scale. Or… Continue reading Fermi paradox…

Saturday Matinee: Soaked in Bleach

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You Decide: “Soaked in Bleach” expounds on the events leading up to Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994 By Bryan Thomas Source: Night Flight In 2015, Benjamin Statler produced, wrote and directed Soaked in Bleach, a docu-drama that expounds on the events leading up to the death of Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain…

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Only fools rush in

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And so I will start where I left off 2 days ago. In my post “Perception”, I left off with the following quote from the TV show of the same name: Does free will exist? Do I exert conscious control over my actions? Did I do that…

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As with many people, binge watching TV shows has become “one of my things”. God bless the Netflix and Hulu! The difference between me and alot of other people is that I am very particular about the shows and movies that I chose to watch. I generally…

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Big Pharma Company To Patent THC, CBD As Cancer Cures

Control the THC and you control the people. But in all seriousness (I really was serious with the comment above)… Only a god can patent nature. Nwo Report Big Pharma company, GW Pharmaceuticals, has received approval on a patent giving them the exclusive rights to treat cancer patients with marijuana.  GW Pharmaceuticals has been issued a… Continue reading Big Pharma Company To Patent THC, CBD As Cancer Cures

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