Fermi paradox…

Simply put:

is the contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Huh? Why is the solar system, galaxy, universe so large if we (humans) are the only ones?

How about this:

*** We have been in contact but it is not on a global scale.

Or perhaps

***We haven’t broken the interstellar travel record (FTLT) yet – like in ST First Contact

There could be AND are a number of reasons why they haven’t just shown up on your doorstep.

***Perhaps their Prime Directive prevents them?





2 responses to “Fermi paradox…”

  1. The First Directive Avatar

    as I widely discussed in my blog, I suggest, as more likely, that ETIs with the technology of the interstellar travel are so advanced, even millions of years, that their cognitive skills are extraordinary diverse from ours, so they have no reason to start a conversation with us, like we do not have reason to speak with microbes……


  2. Mr A51 Avatar
    Mr A51

    A trip down memory lane….

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