Merck knew in 2010 Gardasil caused serious reactions

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

NOTE: This article cites a press release FROM 2010 that is no longer available. You can however read more about Merck’s knowledge of the possible reactions, including the very short time they tested it with the very small number of ‘guinea pig’ humans in this article by Dr Mercola…

Time for the Truth about Gardasil

Also related is The Truth About Gardasil website, check it out for further info:

Hilary Butler – Saturday, June 05, 2010

What other explanation is there for a comment in Truth About Gardasil’s latest press release which stated: A medical source close to TAG (Truth about Gardasil) has stated: “I find it disturbing that Merck’s agreement with the FDA is based on an agreement that no adverse events will be labeled as such unless there is a TWO fold increase seen of diseases that occur at least as frequently as 1/10,000. This takes away…

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One response to “Merck knew in 2010 Gardasil caused serious reactions”

  1. Alice Funk Farie Avatar

    My daughter will be entering 6th grade next year. She attends a private school in one of the states where it says this vaccine is mandatory. They had better let me opt her out of this. No way they are going to force me to give her that vaccine to keep her in school. Ridiculousness. What will they tell me? I can’t send my daughter to school? Or they will send me to jail then if I don’t send her to school? What a huge round robin Idiocracy. And this shouldn’t be a madnatory vaccine to begin with.


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