Echo —uh oh

So I finally took the plunge and purchased an Echo Dot.

My wife looks at it, looks at me, looks at it, and then says, “you bought a spying device?”

Well sure, it’s not like it’s the first controversial (spying) piece of technology that has been brought in this house; cellphone, iPad, xbox, to name just a few.

To be honest, we both agree that Amazon Echo and Google Home “spy” on us (many things do). Why then, did I buy such a device?

When you can’t beat technology, you might as well embrace it.

This one, it seems, will find its way into a box in the back of the closet.

*** if the wife ain’t happy… as they say.






One response to “Echo —uh oh”

  1. God's Creation, Intelligent Design. Avatar
    God’s Creation, Intelligent Design.

    Lagging my butt off about snake story


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