… without representation:

“Taxation without representation is tyranny definition. A slogan of the Revolutionary War and the years before. The colonists were not allowed to choose representatives to parliament in London, which passed the laws under which they were taxed.”


If you have a 16 year old (or 17, but sixteen is the starting point used here) child working for the man, I assume they are paying taxes, right? They are also able to take part in (aka: vote) the United States electoral system, right?
Are you saying that they are taxed without representation? Who represents them? Did they have any say in that representation? Not if they could not vote, they didn’t.

Perhaps they shouldn’t be paying taxes, until such time as they are allowed a say (able to vote – more on that later)…

Do I speak for myself? Nope, I do it for those that have no say in the matter.

(btw… voting really is pointless)

***the system IS a crock of crap*** and only works for itself, as long as people kowtow to the man, people will never be free.

I have never, not once voted (it is my right), and yet I allow my money to be taxed all the same. ***Yes, I am a hypocrite, but what can I really do? I work to pay taxes, the little money I have left over goes to food, shelter, and other “monthly” payouts.

Wear your chains with pride, I know I do. 😦

And don’t forget, we THE people are still ruled by GB – and I don’t mean George Bush either.




Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t know that… 😦

That is really quite sad






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