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When I was growing up it was all about, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Sticks and stones havent changed at all. Oh, but “words”, they are able to cut us like knives, … Continue reading

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Landmark Decision by the NC Utilities Commission Removes Smart Meter Opt-Out Fees!

I hope those “fee removals” come to Georgia. I hate paying extra NOT to have that meter.

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The Nightmare Videos Of Children’s YouTube — And What’s Wrong With The Internet Today

Originally posted on ScienceSwitch:
In a dark, strange corner of the internet, an unknown group of people on YouTube is wilfully hacking young brains in return for advertising revenue. In this TED Talk, writer and artist James Bridle uncovers truth about…

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Unrealistic Price Increase

With Giftmas coming up soon, I decided to take a look at what I’ve saved in my Amazon cart over time. Last year, or maybe it was two years ago… my daughter was wanting a telescope, so I found a … Continue reading

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Video (otw) ~Funky Pants~

Don’t Yuk My Yum

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BIG BROTHER: ‘Just Another Brick in the Wall’, Children of the American Police State – By John W. Whitehead

Originally posted on RIELPOLITIK:
Source – – “…The nation’s public schools—extensions of the world beyond the schoolhouse gates, a world that is increasingly hostile to freedom—have become microcosms of the American police state, containing almost every aspect of the…

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BIG BROTHER: ‘Government Eyes Are Watching You’, We Are All Prisoners of the Surveillance State – By John W. Whitehead

Originally posted on RIELPOLITIK:
Source – – “…Prisoners are used as a source of cheap, menial labor, has become a model for the modern surveillance state in which the populace is constantly being watched, controlled and managed by the…

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#5G #IoT #health New LED streetlights may double cancer risk, new research warns

Street lights are just a small part, of a bigger (much bigger) problem

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#health The US Won’t Admit Just How Badly It Poisoned Military Base Water

No doubt, I didn’t hear about the water “problems” of Camp Lejeune, until many years after I had been stationed there.

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#beachlife #galveston

Originally posted on The Oily Guru:
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Turcken or Chirkey?

Here we have a picture of our turkey (who disappeared a few days ago) sitting on a clutch of chicken eggs. I Wonder how this will turn out.

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Years pass and memories fade

Originally posted on fauxcroft:
So many years pass by And memories of you have faded Not because I’ve forgotten about you But because so much has happened in life I looked at a picture of you and it’s hard because…

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Is Your Toilet Paper Secretly Destroying Your Prostate Health?

By Frank Shallenberger, MD If you suffer from prostate problems, then you may have heard that they’re caused by DHT (di-hydro-testosterone). But did you know that your toilet paper could also be to blame? It’s true! Here’s why… Scientists have … Continue reading

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You Know That Diet Drink You’re Drinking Right Now…?(LINK)

Originally posted on …Ofthestory:
yeah,…it’s got this in it!! Aspartame – A Hidden Schedule II Narcotic How about a nice cold glass of spring water???? 🙂 According to independent doctors and researchers, aspartame can cause a range of symptoms…

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Watch “Mark Passio How The Annunaki Created Humans As A Slaves’ Species To Mine Gold” on YouTube

… also makes for a movie plot. Anyone remember Battlefield Earth… anyone? But honestly, which came first, the movie or the creation of man-slave-gold idea?

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Video (otw) Destroying Solar

The power of religion OR something else… an agenda? “In India. World Bank gave the Village Solar Panels for electricity and water supply. A Hindu Priest told them the Solar Panels were fighting with their gods and they decided to … Continue reading

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Space Force One

Originally posted on This, That, and The Other:
Donald Trump officially directed the Pentagon to establish a brand spanking new branch of the U.S. military. Speaking at a National Space Council meeting [there’s a National Space Council? Seriously?] at the…

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Fluoride Anyone? (LINK)

Originally posted on …Ofthestory:
I’m sure it’s ok, I mean; don’t we brush our teeth with it? That’s good eh? 🙂 Maybe we should look again at this nuclear by-product…… These are the good ones: Fluoride-safe bottled water includes. Arbor…

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Experts Are Urging People Not to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Originally posted on Health and Wellness Associates:
Health and Wellness Associates EHS – Teleheatlh ? Experts Are Urging People Not to Drink  Apple Cider Vinegar ? ? When it comes to home remedies, few products are as revered or as…

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Fluorides, the atomic bomb, and fake news

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BL’s Journal, 6/13/18

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