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Scientific Links Between Processed Foods and Depression

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Research shows that the food you eat can have a profound effect on your mental health. So, regardless of your mental health problems, the importance of addressing your diet simply cannot be overstated. In a…

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What Colour Is The Sky?

What colour is the sky? Seems like utter child’s play, right? Right? The sky’ s blue, of course! You can certainly go out in broad daylight and confirm that, yes, the sky is, indeed, blue. But, what colour is it … Continue reading

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#5G #IoT #health Verizon Video Features Employees Explaining How They Are Ignoring “The Precautionary Principle” to Unleash Harmful 5G Technology All Over The World.

Smoking cigarettes was once considered safe… even healthy (haha), teflon too. Medications (all of them) have side effects, some even deadly. Five G (5g) technology is so new (to the public) it’s chronic effect is not yet known. But like … Continue reading

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#health California’s CRAZY Vaccination Policy: No Medical Exemptions

Yet another reason why I won’t live there… or visit

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The Three Types of Supplements You Should Never Buy

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Health and Wellness Associates EHS – Telehealth ? The three types of supplements you should never buy An expert on vitamins tells us what to avoid. Catherine Price is the author of Vitamania:…

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Your Brain is at Risk with Certain Foods and Cosmetics

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Health and Wellness Associates EHS – Telehealth ? Your Brain is at Risk with Certain Foods and Cosmetics Millions of tons of titanium dioxide are produced globally each year. It adds whiteness and…

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10 fashions that are so 80s it’s silly

Silly? Please tell me how the word “awesome”, can be spelled so wrong? *** The 80s was a decade of big fashions, big hair and even bigger personalities. Something which was certainly needed to strut around in some of the … Continue reading

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Health benefits and risks of drinking coffee

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A cup of coffee in the morning may provide more than just an energy boost. Health benefits, say some researchers, may range from helping prevent diabetes to lowering the risk of liver disease. With over 400…

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Video (otw) Journey Through Loss and Grief

The journey through loss and grief | Jason B. Rosenthal Published on Jul 3, 2018 In her brutally honest, ironically funny and widely read meditation on death, “You May Want to Marry My Husband,” the late author and filmmaker Amy … Continue reading

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Video ***War On Solar

Started before him, Trump joined the War on solar

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Must Watch: Vaccines Are Poisoning Your Children [VIDEO]

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How many times have we heard people who subscribe to veganism say”I dont eat meat because I don’t want animals to suffer. Meat is murder” Well, yes, meat is murder. I understand that when you…

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#health Many cases of “dementia” are actually side effects of prescription drugs or vaccines, according to research –

You don’t say…

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Police Union Calls for Banning of Books in High School Because They Mention Police Brutality


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Video (otw) Things That Make You Go…

… Hmmm

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A Future Surveillance World (VIDEO-LINK)

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Let’s face it, if you take a call or make a call; you must always assume there is a “third” party on the line listening. Paranoid? Heck no! They admit to listening to and recording your…

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