10 fashions that are so 80s it’s silly

Silly? Please tell me how the word “awesome”, can be spelled so wrong? ***

The 80s was a decade of big fashions, big hair and even bigger personalities. Something which was certainly needed to strut around in some of the out-there outfits that were on show in the decade fashion forgot. From bum bags and big earrings all the way to neon leggings and parachute pants, there were certainly a number of questionable fashion faux pars popping up all over the place, but hey, it was the 80s, and we loved it!

With so many to choose from, it’s difficult to decide which outfit looks most 80s. Here we look at some of the fashions that were so 80s it’ll make you laugh (or cry!).

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4 responses to “10 fashions that are so 80s it’s silly”

  1. badfinger20 Avatar

    I became a teenager in the 80s but I always preferred the 60s and 70s…I was born a little too late.

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    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      Just a year younger than you, here. I still prefer 80’s over the 70’s… and the 70’s was cooler than the 90’s.

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      1. badfinger20 Avatar

        I think the reason I felt that way is because I got into the Beatles and read about the 60s in the mid seventies when I was 8-9… I turned 13 in 80… I thought you were close to me since you remember Big John, Little John…

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      2. badfinger20 Avatar

        Oh I agree about the 70s cooler than the 90s…Dont like leisure suits but other than that…

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