Month: October 2018

  • I’m Beginning To Hate Hallowe’en

    Originally posted on WD Fyfe:
    I’m beginning to hate Hallowe’en.  Why?  Let me count the ways.  But first, a little background.  I remember when Hallowe’en was the second biggest celebration of the year – right behind Christmas.  (St. Paddy’s Day doesn’t count ‘cause — it’s “adults only,” and Thanksgiving and Easter are just too family/family/best…

  • Equality. How real is it?

    Equality. How real is it?

    Originally posted on One day at a time…:
    It has been recently announced that the new Doctor Who will be played by a female. Great! Fantastic! Is it? I have no clue; never watched that series; never heard of that actress before; probably will never watch it in the future, either. But the Internet is celebrating…

  • On numerology

    On numerology

    Originally posted on The Plan For The Future:
    If you intend to give your critics a field day, just mention astrology or numerology in your argument. They may burst out laughing. Numerology is a way to give meaning to events using numbers. Numbers have no meaning, except the number itself. Nevertheless meaningful coincidences may indicate that…

  • Everything At Once – The Video Of Reality Chaos

    Everything At Once – The Video Of Reality Chaos

    Originally posted on Reality Decoded:
    I wanted to see what it would look like if I stuffed some of the stranger aspects of our reality into one very fast and densely packed video. The results I call chaos reality.

  • Home Power

    ***all good things must come to an end*** Home Power Inc. will be publishing the final edition of Home Power magazine in November 2018. This November/December issue (HP188) will end the magazine’s 31-year publishing run.

  • We’re Officially Sending a New Martian Rover to Search for Life on the Red Planet

    *** ummm… Is there life on Mars? If so, we’re going to hunt it down. NASA’s next Red Planet rover is almost ready to make its big voyage to Mars. The next big milestone? Figuring out where this special spacecraft is going to touch down on the surface.

  • Video (otw) nerve gas/pesticide

    The more things change, the more things stay the same. ***This is nothing new***

  • Michael (2018)

    Hold on to your hat!

  • Please…

    STANDBY for an important message from your one and only pez-head gaaahg me

  • How much power do you need?

    Originally posted on Living a Simple and Sustainable Lifestyle.:
    Many people, living modern lifestyles, will use as much as 30KW/h per day, in a few cases even higher than that.  Though how much power do you really need to keep all your modern conveniences? Truth be told you need a lot less than you think,…