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For the record…

I am a “pink skin” NOT “white”… Human, is my race

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Thanksgiving in the US of A

Yes it’s true! Not only is Franklin sitting in a lawn chair on the other side of the table (alone no less), but Woodstock (a fellow bird) also eats turkey. If that’s what you take from this cartoon… YOU have … Continue reading

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Fact: Many Heroic Black People In American History Have Been Kept Absent From School History Books

Originally posted on Reality Decoded:
This may sound strange and almost impossible for most but many heroic American black people have intentionally been kept out of the history books in American schools. These are people who put their lives on…

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The Spiritual-Science of How and Why Prayer Works

“A prayer is a form of subtle energy or psychic interaction with divine-consciousness that operates through strong sincere intention.” ***the results are the same… only I don’t call “it” prayer***

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Video (otw) Remembrance Day: Why I’ll Wear a Dandelion Instead of a Poppy

***If there can be peace on 11/11 (following orders) then why not have peace all the time? … because there is profit in war*** via Remembrance Day: Why I’ll Wear a Dandelion Instead of a Poppy + A New Armistice … Continue reading

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2 Comments 16 Last Updated on November 4th, 2018 Save IS THE 11:11 CODE FOLLOWING YOU EVERYWHERE? Do you always seem to glance at your phone at 11:11? Do repeating 1s seem to pop up…

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Tim E. and his blanket

a story… parts true and parts not so much. *** I have this friend, (I’ll call Tim E.), who is looking for a longer blanket. Tim E. took one of the short blankets he had and cut a foot off … Continue reading

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This whole “blackface” movement is getting out of hand. ~that is all

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