Tim E. and his blanket

a story… parts true and parts not so much. ***

I have this friend, (I’ll call Tim E.), who is looking for a longer blanket. Tim E. took one of the short blankets he had and cut a foot off one end and sewed it on the other end .

***He could not understand how this did not make for a longer blanket.

Any idea on how I can explain (in the simplistic of terms – he isn’t so bright with some things) how this will never work out in his best interests?

It’s sad, I go through this whole
ordeal with Tim E. every six months, cutting off one end – and sewing it on the other, and it’s getting old. 😦




Can we say goodbye to DST, for good?






7 responses to “Tim E. and his blanket”

  1. jmshistorycorner Avatar

    Well, he’s merely recycling the blanket – not adding any new material.


  2. badfinger20 Avatar

    I hate Day Light Savings time. They act as if the world will explode if we don’t do this.

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    1. jmshistorycorner Avatar

      I simply ignore DST and don’t do it!

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      1. Kenneth T. Avatar

        While not a big problem to be an hour early for a movie, be late, on the other hand, and you’ll miss half the show. ***And don’t get me started about work. haha

        Some people live in an area that doesn’t use time change protocols, I’m not one of those people.

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      2. badfinger20 Avatar

        That is one way to beat it

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  3. Kenneth T. Avatar

    Must be an American thing

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