Month: March 2019

  • Sound Of Silence : Video (otw)

    Pentatonix The Sound Of Silence


  • Play Infocom Adventures Online

    Originally posted on Old School Game Blog:
    Hi everyone, If you’re interested in old text adventure games, then I’ve got some good news for you. Did you know that you can play such games Online using your Internet browser? There’s a website called Play Infocom Adventures Online that has plenty of classics available for playing.…

  • Just sayin’

    Originally posted on MCViewPoint:
    I don’t advocate medical advice but I find this interesting. Historically, the generous amounts of food most of us eat simply were not accessible throughout the entire year, let alone 24/7, and evidence shows your body simply isn’t designed to run optimally when continuously fed. Unfortunately, research by Satchidananda Panda suggests 90 percent…

  • Cannabis Harms: Here’s the science that proves it | Cannabis Skunk Sense

    ***uhhh… GARBAGE *** I don’t know what to say about this. ***Just shaking my head

  • Recycling at work… GARBAGE

    For a number of years, we have had a recycling program going on where I work. They have these bins for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. While it is true that not all employees will make use of the receptacles, I would actually take the time to put my recyclables where they belong. Recently, I […]

  • Keto Crotch…

    Anyone hear or read about keto crotch – (you know, the smell from down there that some women and men are blaming on the keto diet), before February? Just kinda curious if it’s a new thing or something – and I’m actually leaning towards the “something new”. *** honestly – the keto-change, does work AND […]

  • The Truman Show… — video (otw)

    Is the Truman Show based on truth? The Truman Show – Under the Dome If you’ve ever seen the movie The Truman Show, you can see how it’s a lot like waking up. Waking up to this fake reality that we find ourselves living in. News stories are completely fabricated and are crafted to instill […]

  • How the Ketogenic Diet Weakens Cancer Cells

    Just throwing this link out there… do with it, what you will.

  • 99% PROOF: The 4 Greatest Enemies of the State

    How do we know that our society is profoundly sick? 1.) Our society pollutes the air it needs to breathe. 2.) Our society pollutes the water it needs to drink. 3.) Our society pollutes the food it needs to eat. 4.) Our society pollutes the minds it needs to evolve with. Any system that forces […]