Cannabis Harms: Here’s the science that proves it | Cannabis Skunk Sense

***uhhh… GARBAGE ***

I don’t know what to say about this.

***Just shaking my head





3 responses to “Cannabis Harms: Here’s the science that proves it | Cannabis Skunk Sense”

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    Urban Experiences



  2. lilyionamackenzie Avatar

    Thanks for taking time away from your writing to visit my blog!

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  3. BMan Avatar

    Digging around at that site (it could be a 20 year old US Drug Porn site with the lies presented):
    Here are some ideas for excuses for not accepting or buying drugs:
    I’m on medication (antibiotics, cough mixture etc), have bronchitis, asthma…
    I’m in a football match tomorrow and don’t want to mess it up
    My parents always have ways of finding out these things and then you’ll be in trouble too.
    No, I’m saving all my money to buy a motorbike.
    No, I’m really not into that stuff.
    No thanks, I tried it once, hated it and threw up all over the sofa.
    No thanks, I need all the brains I’ve got.
    No thanks, I know someone who died from that stuff and I couldn’t do it to my parents.
    No thanks. I’ve heard it takes your sex drive away.
    No thanks, doing illegal stuff just doesn’t turn me on.
    My life’s difficult enough without having to deal with this added hassle.

    It IS my medication.
    Tell that to all the Pro athletes who use it
    My parents know of its efficacy
    I’d rather be healthy than ride a motorbike
    I am REALLY in to that stuff
    I tried it once and fell in love
    I am far more introspective and logical when I vape cannabis
    No one has ever dies from Cannabis. Ever.
    My and the ole lady love doing cannabis and hitting the sheets
    Cannabis illegality is its only harm
    Without cannabis, my life would be much harder
    There you go. Fixed it.

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