Leave No Trace Review: The Troubling Line Between Independence And Endangerment

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I guess I should give credit to Victor Morton, the Rightwing Film Geek for this film recommendation…but I won’t. I can already tell you that my Best & Worst films of 2018 will be VASTLY different from the Academy and the Foreign Press because as the 2019 Golden Globes nominations have been announced, sadly the film Leave No Trace is nowhere to be found, but they found a spot for Black Panther so no one could excuse them of being racist (this year).

Back to the film at hand, at what point does a celebration of independence become a troubling story of child endangerment? Leave No Trace leaves that answer to the audience. The story, set in the Pacific Northwest, follows an Army veteran (Ben Foster) and his teenage daughter (Thomasin McKenzie) who live off the grid in a public park in Oregon. The duo survives selling his VA…

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