Chaffles (revisited)

So immediately after I put up the “Chaffle” post my wife sends me a couple of pictures of creations I wasn’t aware she has already made

*I guess I have been missing out*

Here is some Pepperoni Pizza Chaffles:

and Chocolatey Cream Cheese Chaffles:

~ Enjoy






7 responses to “Chaffles (revisited)”

    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      Oh yes, my wife makes many different chaffles (not just the cheesy kind), and I’ve never had one I haven’t liked.

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  1. Sheri Garvin Avatar

    It never ends! I am discovering new ways to make and use chaffles nearly daily!


  2. Kenneth T. Avatar

    There are times I will just grab the “br-affle” (?) and eat it plain – no matter what flavor.

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  3. Rivergirl Avatar

    Substitute the cream cheese for whipped cream filling and you’ve got a waffle Whoopie pie!

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    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      Yes exactly! She has done that too.

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  4. Kenneth T. Avatar

    I’ll need to get a picture the next time the wife makes taco shells.

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