Keeping my eyes open

Jerry, it appears, wants to go East, away from the US coast.

Meanwhile, Karen might decide to come looking for The Manager, after all.

It’s still too early to tell.

I warned my Puerto Rican friends that she’s coming to visit.

I will keep them in my thoughts.

***Strange how, whatever is pushing Jerry East will suddenly; uhh… nevermind.

Keeping my eyes open

***Did I tell you my wife’s name is Karen? No, I guess I didn’t. :-/





2 responses to “Keeping my eyes open”

  1. floatinggold Avatar

    Karen and Kenneth. Sounds nice.

    I was just thinking about hurricanes yesterday. We still have well over a month to go.

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  2. masercot Avatar

    Tell Karen, “I don’t work here, lady”…

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