-Through Kimberlee’s Eyes – video (otw)

This is just a little snippet of my beautiful daughter’s life, her family, her friends.
We love you Pumpkin. You are so missed.
Shine on my Beautiful Star!



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14 responses to “-Through Kimberlee’s Eyes – video (otw)”

  1. Kenneth T. Avatar

    Reblogged this on PliscaPlace and commented:

    My daughter would have been 29 years old today.


  2. Bryan Fagan Avatar

    Ken – This is my first time here. Wanted to pass along my best wishes. I hope you are doing okay. What you did was amazing. I have two teenage daughters. I can’t imagine the pain. Peace.

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    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      My wife put the video together and deserves all the credit.
      Thank you

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      1. Bryan Fagan Avatar

        You’re welcome.


  3. badfinger20 Avatar

    Sorry for your loss Kenneth. I can’t imagine that…such a beautiful young lady.

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  4. Puzzles of the Soul Avatar

    Beautiful tribute to your daughter she was a beautiful young woman.

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  5. floatinggold Avatar

    I’m sorry for your loss. Happy Birthday to Kimberlee!

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  6. Karen Taylor Avatar
    Karen Taylor

    We Love & Miss you, Princess. Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad


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  7. BMan Avatar

    I don’t know why she is no longer here, but my heart goes out to you, Kenneth. I think of my 15 year old and the struggles she has and it makes me want to go wake her up and hug her.


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