Pictures worth 1000 words

An open message to the Public Works of Liberty County Georgia

This video is what a portion of my road looked like before it was (uhh) fixed:

and After:

Seriously? my taxes paid for this type of “fix” — again? I could have done better out of my own pocket.

This water is what you left behind – where will it go, the next time it rains – I wonder?

I will leave “that” alone because, …well – it’s what we come to expect.

The next few images however – there are no excuses for:

The ruts are deep

The ruts are slippery. – I swear they must be comprised of clay.

The (uhh) dirt is NOT drying out. – It’s not “normal” dirt

…and “here” is where I was stuck, backing into my own driveway. Maybe I should have called the county to come help me out? That’s laughable – and I didn’t waste my time, my wife did come out to help me.

And today (12-28-19), it is suposed to rain …again




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