No More Kisses

Dispatches from the Asylum

The gods always require sacrifice, and evidently, just living in this shyte-show doesn’t qualify as one.

The gods are merciless. But the gods are able to continue to pleasure themselves by having their minions here on this experiment-gone-awry offer up quaint and dainty bullshit to build more wedges between the innocents, which the innocents willingly and happily swallow, like the most exquisite of chocolate mousse set before them.

Bye-bye handshakes: How coronavirus is changing global habits – via

PARIS: Say no to a handshake, refuse kisses on the cheeks and definitely avoid hugging. Instead, a direct gaze or maybe a gesture with the hands.

All around the world people are changing their daily habits at work, at home and in worship to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus and prevent it from spreading any further.


In Beijing, the capital of the country where the outbreak began…

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