BIG BROTHER: ‘Brawndo’, The Idiocracy Experiment – By Robert Wright


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“…Another famous experiment discussed in the movie, conducted by Solomon Asch, showed that one third of his test subjects knowingly chose the wrong answer to a simple question about line lengths when previous respondents, actors instructed to choose the wrong answer, erred. Those test subjects valued conformity over obvious truth. The good news is that when only one other person in the respondent group picked the correct answer, conformists dropped to a mere five percent”

SM:...My mistake, I thought Idiocracy was a contemporary documentary….

The Idiocracy Experiment – By Robert Wright 

The title comes from the two movies reviewed below, Idiocracy (2006) and Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story (2015). In normal times, neither would merit mention, much less review, at such a late date. But unless you are just coming off six months on a trapline in Alaska, you know that these are abnormal times.

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