Gold, cryptos, and war

Have you seen what’s up with 2020?  I mean, one thing after another.  Oil had recently hit -37 per barrel and at the moment I’m seeing if the COMEX is going to survive this week.  They probably will, but gold and silver prices are looking to absolutely go ballistic.

There are some other things at play here.  Some how, some way, getting back to work became a red and a blue issue.  Where this goal was to “flatten the curve”, it somehow became “get the goddamn cure before I go back to work”.  Government is printing trillions in its basement.  Kids had the last quarter of the school year off.  Prisoners are being released to keep them from getting COVID and business owners trying to pay their mortgage are being jailed.

Welcome to 2020.


Let’s start with the first word in the title.  As I’ve written here before, gold…

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