You don’t want an MDM policy on your personal phone

Most people have a smartphone these days and a lot of them use a personal device both for work and in private. Lugging around two phones is a hassle so many people will opt to use their personal phone for work as well. The employer may even agree to pay your subscription for you. Unfortunately, to manage the phone and the data and apps on it your employer will most likely require you to enroll the device in their mobile device management solution of choice. That’s where the problem starts. Here’s why you don’t want an MDM policy on your personal phone.

Conflict of interest

From the point of view of an employer, requiring the use of MDM is a perfectly logical decision. Your employer has a responsibility to manage and protect company information. There are often legal obligations in place as well. MDM protects company information and aides with compliance so your employer has a legitimate interest in wanting to manage aspects of how you use your phone.

On the other hand, you as the owner of the device may use it for business purposes but you also use it for many other things. Mobile phones are a replacement for our watch, our wallet and our camera. We use them for banking, to order a ride or to book a vacation. They store information about people we know and give us access to social media. Many people use them for dating as well. Our phones know where we are all the time. In short, they contain a wealth of information about us and a lot of that information we probably don’t want to share with our employer.

You may not realize it but by allowing the installation of an MDM policy on your personal phone, your employer can gain access to a lot of that information.

You don’t want an MDM policy on your personal phone

By Kenneth T.

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