Trials and Tribulations of the New World (and maybe even where you are too)

So a year ago I  finally broke down an bought myself a new vehicle (well – new to me anyway). I got a hell of a deal on a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, so I bought it.

Fast forward to a year later and I’m trying to update the Garmin installed navigation maps and now –

Well sh*t! That can’t be right, the car is just 10 years old.

Let me email customer service and get help that way – –

And my rely back – apparently an automated response…

I can just cry… (not really, mind you)

I can’t get my maps updated for a car that’s only 10 years old?

What the frack?






8 responses to “Trials and Tribulations of the New World (and maybe even where you are too)”

  1. Between Fire and Water Avatar

    Well, you’re not alone! Nice to learn of other curious minds out there, too.
    Not sure it helps or not… but I’m sure we’ll soon be seeing the end gas powered vehicles anyway 😉


    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      I don’t believe “soon” is the right word – but “eventually” would work.
      But hey… I’ve been wrong before


  2. con Avatar

    We seem to be in a planned obsolescence era on steroids. Everywhere new stuff breaks down or does not function as it should in contrast to earlier reliable long-lived items. And incompatibility with new upgrades appear to be built-in. Mum bought a modern oven. One plate stopped working. Found it couldn’t be replaced so had to replace the whole thing, which was so complicated she couldn’t figure out how it worked, (also expensive) so spent the last years of her life eating microwave food.

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    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      Likewise we’ve got an air fryer that the “basket” has seen better days – you think we can get a replacement? Nope!
      Bought another (superior) model. Couldn’t figure out all the stupid bells and whistles (and I didn’t want them). Gave the thing to my son. Went back to using the “older” model.
      I’m not “old school” (I do like some newer things) just sometimes I don’t want the blasted new fangled features. I want some “plain” things – yanno?

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      1. con Avatar

        Dad was a mechanical/electrical genius. He shunned gadgets with all the extra “bells and whistles”. He pointed out the only point of any device was to carry out the wanted task. The more complications, the more stuff you added just increased the chances of things going wrong. His major gripe a device failing in its primary task because something went wrong with some inessential extra. He also suspected things designed this way was deliberate.
        Keep things simple – then less can go wrong.

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  3. tubularsock Avatar

    Now now Kenneth, trust Tubularsock on this: you really don’t need a map at all because wherever you go you’ll always be there. Sure you can mark Tubularsock’s words.

    Happy travels.


    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      Well shu-wah…
      Even without the maps – I’m still somewhere. Even in the middle of nowhere (how would I know I’m in the middle?) Always going to be somewhere, even if it’s over a rainbow.

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      1. tubularsock Avatar

        Well, what a great question: “how would I know I’m in the middle?”

        What Tubularsock does in those situations is count the number of bread crumbs in each direction and then deduct 18 for the crow’s consumption and multiply by 7 using Sunday as a day of rest.

        These calculations make Tubularsock tired.


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