Update to Healthy Living 135 – Gold and Obesity linked in history? Survivability in an uncertain future?

I’ve been up since 2:15 AM, so another coffee-induced inspired writing. This time, I’d like to tell you how losing 175 pounds also got me linked in with gold. 1970s inflation. And it’s about to repeat with 2020s inflation. Please read below to see the links and how we can potentially prevent millions more dying […]

Update to Healthy Living 135 – Gold and Obesity linked in history? Survivability in an uncertain future?

By Kenneth T.

My blog, My way Welcome to a little piece of my life. Here you will find things concerning my everyday experiences and or my thoughts on everyday happenings. For instance you may find thoughts of my Farmstead, which is as my wife calls it, our Accidental Farming life. Perhaps on a whim, I might just jump on a soap box about what's going on with my crazy family (the immediate one, that is).~You don't need to put a penny in the coin slot for any commentary there~ You may find, new additions to what I call "Hobby-time". Ahh yes, my hobby... I make pinback buttons (some call them badges). Sorry for the shameful plug ;-) *** And then there is the outside the box or "Offtrack" thinking, part of me. Which can be anything else from aliens to the zoology of the Loch Ness monster, but will probably be more mundane as health concerns, for instance, to vaccinate or not. Is the Earth Flat or is it Hollow? Is there a dome? Is any of it real? Do you really want to know? Police brutality and the continuing corruption of established government, Big Business, Big Oil, Big Brother. Can we survive? Should we survive? The coming montrary collapse. There is so much going on, more then we see outside our windows.


    1. Oh I don’t know…
      We are under severe weather right now.
      I got out of bed about 2309 hours (11:09 pm) because I decided I wanted some ice cream. Went out to my car and drove to the all night corner store and bought me a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. *I did say it was severe weather (thunder and lightning) out – didn’t I?
      I drive half way home and decided I really didn’t want that ice cream after all.
      Yeah – I’m a hypocrite. 😦
      ***it’s all mind over matter.

      I will eat that ice cream sometime tomorrow – – just so my son doesn’t get to it.

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      1. In good’ol Blighty (taking a page out of the politicians book) we are alternating between floods and heat waves. Yesterday, here, there was a spectacular storm, thunder, lightning and rain like I’ve never seen before, I imagine what monsoon rain is like. Weird, marvellous and beautiful.

        I take back what I previously said. Very good article and I remember the food advice and inflation (which running at 25% was scarey).

        I also have been up since 2am. The delights of old age. Can’t lose weight, can’t sleep at night nor stay awake during the day. Whoever invented old age should be sacked.

        The beaut photo of bryani reminded me I had some southern fried chicken in the fridge. I contented myself with marm on toast and coffee while watching the sun rise.

        Good luck with the ice cream!

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