Excuse me, but… (a covid19-covid21 blog message)

Dr. Fauci said the unvaccinated should think of their ‘community’ because allowing COVID-19 to spread and mutate could create variant ‘more problematic than the Delta’


Uhhh – – sure, nothing has changed for me (unvaccinated) – everything has changed for you (vaccinated).

There wasn’t even a variant mentioned until AFTER people started getting vaccines. Tell me again how are WE responsible for any mutation?

As for ‘these’ masks – – – I don’t care what this (flip flop) man says, they still DON’T work. The jury isn’t even deliberating on the subject anymore.

As for trusting the government, who looks after its best interests first…

How bout this DDT treatment?

How’d that work out for you? It didn’t work to my advantage.






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