Quitting coffee (with mushrooms)

I wrote this post in August 2020, but for some reason never posted it. I guess in fear I’d relapse. After a year without coffee, it’s safe to say our relationship is over. A while back I released a video discussing why I stopped drinking coffee, however, I think it missed a few of the […]

Quitting coffee (with mushrooms)






3 responses to “Quitting coffee (with mushrooms)”

  1. Kenneth T. Avatar

    I’ve gone the chaga mushroom way for a little while, but it was less then 3 weeks, so it never made a conditioning habit.
    It shouldn’t be all that difficult – with all the different coffee (type) flavors out there, it’s just a different taste.

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    1. brilliantviewpoint Avatar

      Ok, thanks. I was able to LIKE your post. I enjoyed your ending where NOW you need to stop swearing. LOL. In life it is always some habit we want to change. I heard of someone who put a $1 in a jar every time he stopped himself from swearing. It became a nice game, he treated himself to a good dinner with all the $ he made.


      1. john van Huenen Avatar
        john van Huenen

        thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Stopping swearing has been a challenge still since writing this haha

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