Ten reasons why the Covid scare is not really about public health

Short version:

(1) The lockdowns had an net adverse effect on public health. In a cost-benefit analysis, they were were not worth it. Their value for public health was negligible.

(2) Authorities blocked, censored and outlawed safer low-cost alternatives to mRNA ‘vaccines’ (namely hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin), which costs lives, and doesn’t make any sense unless it’s about pushing the ‘vaccine’ at all costs.

(3) Use of media propaganda and coercion tactics; violation of medical ethics, and censorship of legitimate competing medical views from thousands of scientists and doctors, all of which hindered scientific progress and was detrimental to public health.

(4) Pushing experimental ‘vaccines’ that have a poor safety record; denying medical and natural immunity exemptions; causing thousands of deaths and millions of “adverse events” and then lying about it, brazenly.

(5) Creating a false narrative to scapegoat the unvaccinated based on biased pseudo-science and media propaganda; imposing discriminatory, unconstitutional, unnecessary, and deliberately punitive vax passports and mandates that do nothing to advance public health.

(6) Giving the jab to children who don’t need it, and which puts their health at risk. And before that, forcing them to wear masks and mandatory social distancing, though they don’t need it, causing psychological trauma.

(7) Crippling the health care system through mass firings of nurses, EMH workers, doctors, and other such workers who refuse the jab. If it were a real pandemic, they would not fire tens of thousands of health care workers.

(8) Flip-flopping on masks. In early 2020 Fauci and Tam admitted that masks don’t work, then later flip-flopped when they figured out that it could be used as an instrument for social control. His actions and that of other state health authorities seem to determined more by a political agenda han allegence to public health.

(9) Hypocrisy of the ruling class and woke activists, revealing that they don’t take it seriously. If it were a serious pandemic, like the Bubonic plague, they would not have had their BLM rallies in 2020 and maskless soirees.

(10) Denying and lying about the benefits of natural immunity, which we now know from studies has 13x the effect of the jab in terms of conferring immunity.

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Ten reasons why the Covid scare is not really about public health

By Kenneth T.

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