We need to exercise the precautionary principle in case the jab really is fatal over the long term

Since I have learned about the risks of taking ‘the jab’ (mRNA shots) I have sent emails to friends and family, suggesting they exercise the precautionary principle before taking it.

Everyone I have written to has taken it anyway and even urged me to take it, despite the warning. I am worried their lives may be at risk, based on all that I’ve learned.

The Precautionary Principle is a guiding principle for decision-makers when faced with a health or ecological hazard. It urges preventative caution in cases where are all the variables are unknown.

For example, with a new technology, if the risks are unknown, the principle would advise against going ahead with it. It’s mostly used with environmental risks but applies equally well to experimental mRNA shots.

This is what I wrote:

I saw a short video today from a molecular biologist which I found compelling. Previous to watching it, I was aware of the fact that the jab had a cytotoxin that ‘biodistributes’ (i.e., disperses) to different parts of the body and can cause the ‘adverse events’ listed here. A cytotoxin simply means “a substance having a specific toxic effect on certain cells.”

I did not consider the possibility that it would eventually kill a person who took enough of the shots. I thought its adverse effects dissipated in time. Apparently, that’s not the case. Its ability to work against Covid-19 dissipates but its toxicity does not.

For some reason, this surprised me. Would the state be so audacious as to knowingly poison billions of people? Are those warning about the depopulation agenda right?

*** Take a look at the complete article (below).

We need to exercise the precautionary principle in case the jab really is fatal over the long term

By Kenneth T.

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  1. One side of the issue is willing to look at evidence from multiple angles and from myriad experts in various related fields. The other side is being coerced to ignore every dissenting view, no matter what the experts’ backgrounds, no matter what the data, they have a handful of folks they MUST believe. That is more than a precautionary tale in my book, that is deliberate deception and obvious brainwashing. And good on you for standing on your principles and own damn mind and caring enough to reach out to those you know would ignore/shun you!


  2. 750,000 people have died from COVID-19, and you’re worried about a hypothetical that hasn’t materialized after a year of people taking shots. Maybe it’s time to take a break from your news sources and listen to someone else, someone that knows what they are talking about. All these same arguments are used in anti-VAX circles against non-mRNA vaccines of imagined harms. Perhaps it’s time to imagine you’ve been fed some B.S.


    1. 750,000 died from covid? How many millions like you believe that propaganda enough to take the death jabs? Have you? (I hope so).

      I would like for you and I to be the trial. You take the three, four (or however many they devise for the gullible sycophants like you) and I’ll take none. Let’s see who fairs better?

      I’m all in. Are you?

      Then stfu.

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      1. I’m vaccinated with Moderna, back in May when it became available to my demographic. Six months later. Still fine. They have COVID-19 floors in hospitals in my area. Lots of people died. It’s easy enough to check, particularly if you have relatives that work in hospitals. But, you could just ask at the front desk. Or, is everyone in on the conspiracy?

        I wonder how long it will take you to acknowledge when you are wrong. Should I check back in two, five, or ten years? In the end, we’ll have a million or so dead and an endemic disease, and 1 out of 230 isn’t bad odds, assuming you aren’t immuno-compromised, have a chronic disease like diabetes, or have personal habits, like being a smoker, that make your odds worse. So, your decision might not negatively impact you. But, it has definitely impact a significant number of people that believe as you do, and it will continue to do so. Good luck! It’s a rough world out there, and in the end, nobody gets out alive. But, there’s nothing wrong with trying to live a bit longer. Try a bit of fluoridated water while you are at it, you might keep your teeth longer.


        1. I’m vaccinated with Moderna, back in May when it became available to my demographic. Six months later. Still fine.

          I’m sorry for your family’s loss in a while.


          1. Why can’t people understand that six months is NOT nearly enough time for results? If everyone’s “trouble” started shortly after “the shot” – the jig would be up.
            Besides, not everyone will have the same reaction to this vaccine, afterall we are all different.


            1. Kenneth,
              My comment was really meant for lurkers and readers who don’t comment.

              This person obviously hasn’t spent any time researching the subject, but still pushes the government/media meme (and we all know how much truth resides within those two organizations).

              As for him, at this point it is too late. He tarded out and will pay for it. I just hope his influence is thin and others see the stance for the idiocy it is.


  3. Brad, my floor guy

    Brad was one of the few superb floor guys anywhere around here. Tile work, etc. Over the summer, we had him re-floor our back deck. I was able to spend a great deal of time with he and his helper.

    Of course, the discussion went to Covid and the tyranny we are facing. Brad has a Masters in nursing, but never really pursued it (he was making so much money doing floors, without the hassle). But he was keen on the jab and told me there would be no way he would take it (same for his helper, Aaron).

    Last week we find that this 50+ year old died of some heart thing. I immediately questioned if he changed his mind and got the jab, but it was crickets in the Facebook meanderings.

    Yesterday, I learned from the investigator we are renting to that he did take the jab due to his doctor’s pleading (his Mom is elderly, and they wanted to avoid any potential infections for her, so he did it).

    Died two days later of heart attacks after two days of hell.

    I hope your readers can take this information into their deliberations.

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    1. My wife and granddaughter both got covid back in August. My granddaughter (6 years old) recovered very quick. The wife spent 6 days in the hell of a hospital we have here. I swear they were trying to kill her. She is home STILL recovering from the covid pneumonia.
      And NO we are NOT getting these shots!


      1. Kenneth,

        I had it July 2020. At that time, they simply sent me home with no treatment and said that if it got bad, go to the hospital. 7 days of the worst headache and a fever that would not stop.

        At least they said it was covid. I never coughed or had any problem breathing. So, I have wondered since then if it was the bogus PCR test and not really covid.

        I now take a Vit D3 and Liposomal Vit C daily.

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        1. When the wife got sick, I started taking mega doses of Vit C and D (I tried taking Zinc but it upset but stomach too much) and I didn’t get sick.
          Vitamins – – good stuff


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