FOOD FRAUD: ‘Obesity Machine’, How the Processed Food Industry Profits From Eating Disorders – By Dr Tim Coles

Scientists, politicians, media, and health professionals note that Western countries face obesity and fatness epidemics. Large numbers of poor, malnourished children are obese because the cheap, processed, low-nutrient food bought by their parents – bread, cereals, snacks, etc. – contains high concentrations of sugars. 

In addition to the systemic factors explored below, there are darker, more secretive reasons for our addiction to what the late philosopher-comedian George Carlin called “slow death by fast food.” But it is not just fast food. To save money on raw materials, sell innovation to other companies, and hook consumers onto their products, food giants have developed intricate supply lines for big firms like McDonald’s and PepsiCo. Using sophisticated design techniques based on the biology of pleasure and addiction, they have contributed to ill-health. 

Obesity Epidemic

Obesity can cause serious health problems that lower life-quality, shorten it, and frequently lead to hospitalisation. Cushing’s disease (excess cortisol), polycystic ovary syndrome, and other ailments can cause obesity, as can depression. Usually, however, pathologies are caused by obesity. Typically, obesity results from the individual’s overeating, choice of foods, and lack of exercise. In most cases, obesity and weight gain do not appear to be solvable by the individual. Data suggest that most people who diet and exercise cannot lose weight and sustain their weight loss. Rather, weight-loss is typically achieved by a holistic change-of-life approach, not by dieting and exercising alone. This is partly because the system makes people revert to their old, sedentary lifestyles and partly because they are addicted to bad food. Only a comparatively small number of people can sustain weight loss without changing their approach to life and food. Obesity can cause, contribute to, or worsen cancer, coronary heart disease, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, sleep apnoea, and type-2 diabetes.

Systemic reasons for the obesity crisis include the unconscious, evolutionary flaw that makes people eat more than they need to in case they cannot eat again for a while. In nature, food can be scarce. In our artificial societies, it is abundant. Our brains developed to overeat in case of scarcity. Anthropologists note that once humans developed settled agriculture 10,000 years ago, obesity became a problem for the first time. 

A related issue is that the human body is built for hunting and gathering. We are “born to run,” as anthropologists put it, yet modernity enforces sedentary living: the bus or car to work, sitting at a desk for most of the day, watching TV in exhaustion in the evening. Our intestines are now excessively long because our ancestors used to eat raw foods that took longer to digest. High-nutrient, fat-burning raw food diets are a niche, not the norm. The system has separated us from our environment: biodiversity is replaced by fields for monoculture, the nutrients in soils are depleted along with the pesticides and transport time, and the shelf-life of food lessens its nutritional quality. Work exhausts people and processed ready-meals are cheap. Corporate branding brainwashes us into reaching for high-sugar treats.

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FOOD FRAUD: ‘Obesity Machine’, How the Processed Food Industry Profits From Eating Disorders – By Dr Tim Coles

By Kenneth T.

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  1. I seriously wonder where people get their degrees these days. If we dig deeper into food—particularly processed food—we find that in order to preserve shelf-life, almost all fiber is removed. We need somewhere in the area of 30 grams? Of fiber a day, and the food off of the store shelf gives us 3 to 4 grams a day.

    In addition, the nutritional value is far less—plenty of calories though… Your body will demand you eat more to make up the deficit in nutritional value. So you get calories—far less fiber and little nutritional value and fat.

    In addition—processed foods contain more chemicals [glyphosate] that kill off your healthy microbiome bacteria. You have about 4 pounds of healthy bacteria in your gut alone. Glyphosate’s killer actions are in the article below:

    Round ’em Up

    Round ’em Up

    for a period of time, I went vegan, and collected much nutritional info for this article:

    Eating Meat

    Eating Meat

    So check ‘em out. This guy makes something that’s extremely complicated way too simple.


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