Grief doesn’t just show up the day they die

Grief shows up on a random Monday night

Grief shows up in aisle five at the grocery store

Grief shows up when they’re favorite song comes on the radio

Grief shows up at the dining room table

Grief shows up at your graduation and wedding

Grief shows up in the delivery room when they aren’t by your side or in the pictures

Grief shows up on those sleepless nights

Grief shows up when the phone rings and it isn’t them

Grief shows up when you go to dial their number and realize they’ll never answer again

Grief shows up time and time again always unexpected and never invited

Grief doesn’t just show up the day they die

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3 responses to “Grief”

  1. innersilence7 Avatar

    Thank you🙏 Just lost a friend….


    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      I’m sorry to hear that.

      I lost my daughter (not so recent though), it’s been 5 years now.

      Covid took 3 coworkers a few months ago. Loss is never easy and it’s especially hard for close individuals.

      Best advice I can give – take it one day at a time AND breathe.

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      1. innersilence7 Avatar

        Losing a child is tough even after 5 years🦋
        With the COVID situation the only way is one day at a time and breathe…
        Thank you Kenneth🙏😊 We are all in this together no matter where we are in the world ….

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