Month: November 2022

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  • The Lucrative Business of Cancer

    Cancer has always been a lucrative business. As a child prodigy in the 1960s, I sought a genetic answer to cure cancer. My solution would have been relatively cheap and would have crossed the boundaries of all cancers. I sought a cancer-specific antigen to tag cancer cells’ genetics on ‘lack of communication.’ Flagging the immune […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving From NoFakeNews

    The Target List Movie Trailer Special Viewing of the Film! Pre-order now — Watch December 16th! _____________________ A Message from Mad Wife Productions! Mad Wife Productions is excited to announce a special “VIP Friends and Family” showing of our highly anticipated feature movie “Target List”! Here is how to watch the film months before it’s […]

  • Introducing a new author…

    Kimberlee Dodge There’s a new author in town.Once started out as a YA (young adult) book writer – with two complete three book series (plus a yet to be published Christmas book)… she is branching out for the older crowd (still PG rated). If you are into ghosts or psychic type metaphysics – you should […]

  • The Fluoride Deception

    Fluoride is highly toxic substance that has been added to water supply in the United States since the 1940’s. It is an endocrine disruptor that affects the brain, bones, thyroid gland, pineal gland and blood sugar levels among other things. Quote from Wikipedia: “Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can interfere with endocrine (or hormone) systems […]

  • Step Away From The Dark [Rigged] System And Into The Light

    By Ashley Hayes Dr. Reizer, founder of, recently posted an article, “Big Pharma Doesn’t Want Healthy People,” that should be read by everyone — and shared widely. However, readers are encouraged to also read the comments posted pertaining to that article, as you are sure to learn (as with many articles here) even more […]

  • Big Pharma Doesn’t Want Healthy People

    Dr. John Reizer Like any business, drug companies want more customers. Unlike any other business, these multinational corporations have the means to create lifelong customers because they can get their prospects chemically addicted to dangerous, synthetic compounds that have been specifically designed for that purpose. Think about the people in your life that take prescription […]

  • We’re In The Mass Killing Phase of Agenda 21 – What People Can Do

    By Ashley Hayes Agenda 21 is a 108-year agenda created by the UN, published in 1992 and scheduled to be in place through 2099, whose stated goal is to undermine every area of society from within. This destruction of society was designed to “nudge” forward, incrementally, progressing unnoticed, with each generation. (Incidentally, the ’21” stands […]