Step Away From The Dark [Rigged] System And Into The Light

By Ashley Hayes

Dr. Reizer, founder of, recently posted an article, “Big Pharma Doesn’t Want Healthy People,” that should be read by everyone — and shared widely. However, readers are encouraged to also read the comments posted pertaining to that article, as you are sure to learn (as with many articles here) even more pertinent information about your health, the ongoing schemes to destroy it, and the natural — and free! — ways to keep yourself healthy.

Sadly, our country has been run, in every area, by a rigged system. Everything is rigged to take from citizens and fill the coffers of the criminals at the helm.

Convincing you you’re sick so you’ll go see the doctors they own, who work in the hospitals they run, where you’ll be prescribed medications whose patents they own, which you’ll then go purchase from the pharmacies they own, advised by a pharmacist they’ve educated, who wouldn’t have a job without those prescriptions; then barraged with commercials they’ve written, directed, and produced (or ads they’ve designed), programmed via the AI that has tracked this entire cycle (including your searches about your “symptoms,” etc., done on an internet designed by them, to capture your every piece of data), which serve to convince you you’ve made the right choice.

This cycle may also begin with a commercial, appearing because you searched for “symptoms” you were having; symptoms you suddenly thought should be concerning because the cover of that magazine they own, written, produced, published and distributed by them, featuring the celebrity they own, placed in the checkout line of one of the grocery stores they own, told you they should.

Check out the article by clicking:

Step Away From The Dark [Rigged] System And Into The Light







4 responses to “Step Away From The Dark [Rigged] System And Into The Light”

  1. katharineotto Avatar

    . . . and my cell phone has a mind of its own, but I’ll rest on the idea of a health nirvana and let its possible implications percolate.

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  2. katharineotto Avatar

    Health is a state of mind. If you have doubts, you will seek reassurance or relief from suffering.

    Depending on the milieu in which you were raised, you have been conditioned to believe a variety of precepts about health, as if it is a gift or curse dependent on obeying certain but inconsistent rules.

    In the contemporary US, the ideal of health has indeed been co-opted by those who hope to profit from others’ doubts and suffering.

    The focus on obtaining some nirvana of health


  3. brilliantviewpoint Avatar

    It’s true, if we aren’t feeling well, it’s hard to know if you can trust the Dr. In the “old days,” Dr’s were God and what they said was the Bible. Now, they are so busy writing everything in the computer that they don’t have time to diagnose. Thanks for sharing the article.

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    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      Right up to, and beyond, doctors promoting cigarette smoking. 😉

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