Happy Thanksgiving From NoFakeNews

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Happy Thanksgiving From NoFakeNews






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  1. Joyce Bowen Avatar

    Ironically, as a little kid in the 1960s, I set my sights on curing cancer. I was a genetic prodigy and saw cancer as something that could be wiped out through genetics.

    After writing an assignment in an English class on the specifics of my cancer-cure views, a favorite professor set about to ensure I could follow my dreams. But alas—my beautiful toddler manifested brain damage and I declined a free pass to medical school in 1976.

    In 2006, efforts were being made along the lines I had chosen for my cancer cure. The rub [I thought] was that they were going after the wrong cells. They were genetically altering T-cells [immune cells] rather than the cancer cells themselves. I rejoiced that inroads had been made into genetic modification at all.

    Then came mRNA… I was horrified over the massive, permanent hijacking of the human body’s cell structure. I realized what I had perused in 2006 had been the first move towards putting the stamp of approval on genetic modification—not curing cancer—they actually caused cancer with many things—including those ‘toxic shots laced with viral material to legitimize them as vaccines.’

    I had saved all my material from 2006 and wrapped it into this article.

    The Lucrative Business of Cancer

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    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      I’m a believer that there is already a cure – it’s just not available to people like you and me.
      I also believe that any future technology (or just a cure, if you will) will be blocked by any and every means IF it ever comes to be available to the public. Big Daddy Medicine can not let his profit go down the drain.

      We could go round and round about the knowledge that has been suppressed, the cures, the history, and the truth, but we shouldn’t fight ourselves.

      I’ll check out your link Joyce, it’s the least I can do to keep the information moving forward.

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      1. Joyce Bowen Avatar

        I think that’s true. In any case, the Old Families do not partake of these shots. There’s a few more articles you should probably look at [if you haven’t already]

        2 Scientists: The Soul Does Not Die, It Returns To The Universe

        2 Scientists: The Soul Does Not Die, It Returns To The Universe

        Gates is going after Christians in a most Insidious Way

        Gates is going after Christians in a most Insidious Way

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        1. Kenneth T. Avatar

          I am also a firm believer that the energy or soul (if you wish) returns to the universe.

          Gates; yeah he is going after more than just Christians – as well.

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