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2 responses to “Scan the QR Code to View Official Trailer”

  1. Joyce Bowen Avatar

    I threw away my cell last year after watching this video. Cell phones are nothing but vehicles of “Track and Trace.”


    The Plan to Track and Trace You

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    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      I understand where you are coming from, I really do.
      We don’t use any stand-alone google home, alexa, echo, or similar devices in my home for that very reason.
      While I do feel a bit lost when I don’t have my (uhh) ‘phone’ with me, I CAN put it down (most individuals can not say the same).

      But I agree… cellphones are an almost perfect ‘tracking’ device.
      It’s inevitable, we will be tracked – why make it easy?

      I wasn’t always like this – I dislike the ‘dark side’ but it does have its uses. *sadly said*
      Because of that, I’ve turned off many of the tracking features – but it still does just that. 😞

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