A Very Forlorn Christmas

Do you like ghostly type stories?

Do you enjoy the Christmas season?

Perhaps you’ll love this new book by Author Kimberlee Dodge — just in time for Christmas.

A Very Forlorn Christmas

Jason, Avery, and the rest of the J Club gang are back in this hilarious anthology of Christmas mayhem.

When Uncle Stanley gets the boot right before the Holidays, he decides it’s the perfect time to visit Avery and check out the Forlorn Mansion. Only things don’t always go according to plan when Stanley is down in the dumps.

With Jason’s non-“woo-woo” grandparents due to arrive any minute, and Olivia knocking herself out to throw the best corporate party ever, the last thing anybody needs is a jinx under their roof. Unfortunately, the more distraught Stanley becomes, the wilder the obstacles get. Will Olivia have to admit defeat and cancel the party, or will Jason and Avery figure out a way to save the day?

You can find Kimberlee Dodge on Amazon (both in Kindle and paperback versions)

At less than 200 pages, it’ll be a quick read. Check it out by clicking below.






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