Feed company poisoning horse with monesin

Photo by Andreas – on Pexels.com This monensin that they ‘accidentally’ put into horse pellet food is also toxic to the cattle it claims to treat. everything they make is poison. corporations care about money they make and couldn’t care less about the animals they kill. this is just one paper on it below on […]

Feed company poisoning horse with monesin






2 responses to “Feed company poisoning horse with monesin”

  1. highlandersheart Avatar

    well said. i completely agree. i have my own birds. have had for 30 years or so. been a small family farm that doesn’t sell to the public we grow for us to eat. and for our animals to eat. solely. everything you said is absolutely correct.

    Those creatures in human clothing claim to want to save the world. but first they have to kill all carbon based life forms…mankind is a virus they say and AI is the cure. they just don’t need us anymore. yada…yada…it should be obvious to most that the goal is annihilation of all life…ALL.

    these crazies have worms on the brain and yet they have a lot power to destroy. their utopia is a silent forest where trees produce no flowers. no fruit. no birds, bugs or bees. nothing that isn’t genetically created by them. the original wiped out. they truly are that diseased in the head. and people are working for them, obeying them, and serving them. giving them money as well.

    As in the days of noah…spot on! lets home the mountain falls on them before they can finish their quest of wiping out all life. and replacing it with their synthetic replicas.

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  2. separatefromthetares Avatar

    Horses, chickens (not laying eggs), “bird flu”, cows flipped upside down, fires at farms and food packing plants creating massive shortages.
    What boggles the mind is how many farmers use chicken feed when they don’t have to if they let their chickens free-roam and supplement with things from the farm itself. It’s amazing how entrenched they let themselves become to the Beast System. You leave yourself vulnerable when you become too dependent on the Beast System.
    If you haven’t considered a chicken coop, now may be the time. The more of us that have one, the more we can start our own micro economies as the elite cabal will continue with their NWO agendas that include manufactured shortages.
    Billy Goat Gates of Hell has started pushing the bioweapon on live stock. He claims he wants to save the same animals causing “Climate Change”. In fact, he wants to decimate farm animals, poison those that refused the COnVID jabs and have the remainder eat his lab grown meats and mRNA genetically modified crickets. Monsters and demons are on the loose. They have destroyed the DNA of plants with GMOs/mRNA genetic therapies, humans with the COnVID jabs and are now going after the animals. As in the Days of Noah.

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