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My blog, My way Welcome to a little piece of my life. Here you will find things concerning my everyday experiences and or my thoughts on everyday happenings. For instance you may find thoughts of my Farmstead, which is as my wife calls it, our Accidental Farming life. Perhaps on a whim, I might just jump on a soap box about what's going on with my crazy family (the immediate one, that is).~You don't need to put a penny in the coin slot for any commentary there~ You may find, new additions to what I call "Hobby-time". Ahh yes, my hobby... I make pinback buttons (some call them badges). Sorry for the shameful plug ;-) *** And then there is the outside the box or "Offtrack" thinking, part of me. Which can be anything else from aliens to the zoology of the Loch Ness monster, but will probably be more mundane as health concerns, for instance, to vaccinate or not. Is the Earth Flat or is it Hollow? Is there a dome? Is any of it real? Do you really want to know? Police brutality and the continuing corruption of established government, Big Business, Big Oil, Big Brother. Can we survive? Should we survive? The coming montrary collapse. There is so much going on, more then we see outside our windows.

Power of Positive Thinking

by PATRICK PECHMANN “Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.” – William James How often did you experience a negative situation which ended up leading to one pessimistic thought after another, affecting your mood, How often did you experience a … Continue reading

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COLLOIDAL SILVER: It Can Destroy 650 Different Infections In 72 Hours!

Originally posted on The Oily Guru:
Even though the usage was stopped 1938 when products appeared, Colloidal silver was long used as an incredible medicine in natural remedies. According to studies, silver is seriously beneficial for the body that cannot…

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Video (otw) Jefferson Airplane

well the music, anyway Plastic Fantastic Lover

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BIG PHARMA: Fluoride Literally Turns the Pineal Gland to Stone, Research Suggests – By Sayer Ji

Originally posted on RIELPOLITIK:
Source – – “…The pineal gland has been known as the ‘seat of soul’ for hundreds of years. Could fluoride, a ubiquitous vector of toxicity in the modern world, actually be calcifying this gland and…

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REALPOLITIK: ‘What Every Person Should Know About War’ – By Chris Hedges (Archive)

Originally posted on RIELPOLITIK:
Source – – What is a war? War is defined as an active conflict that has claimed more than 1,000 lives. Has the world ever been at peace? Of the past 3,400 years, humans have…

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I missed Pi Day, but the world didn’t

There’s a (not so) hidden connection between Pi and physics Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day 3.14 Where you go from here is up to you

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not so RANDOM tv show quote

You know, there are some words I’ve known since I was a schoolboy: “With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.” Those words were … Continue reading

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Caffeine & Sugar

Back in the eighties, Jolt Cola was all the rage and it was vilified because of its “All The Sugar And Twice The Caffeine” content… laughable by today’s standard. hahahahahahaha Jolt Cola 16 oz (2- servings) Calories 200 Carbs 50 … Continue reading

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The Unknown Effects Of Spanking That Will Creep Up To You

good golly, imagine how my life would have turned out… if I hadn’t been disciplined the way I was. ************* Spanking has been passed down through the years as an effective way to stop children from misbehaving and keeping them … Continue reading

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National Walkout

Tomorrow is supposed to be this (school shootings) “national walkout”, but what gets me most is, just weeks ago these children (American school-age kids) were eating Tide Pods… for daring fun. Yeah, I don’t think they know what they want, … Continue reading

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