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My blog, My way Welcome to a little piece of my life. Here you will find things concerning my everyday experiences and or my thoughts on everyday happenings. For instance you may find thoughts of my Farmstead, which is as my wife calls it, our Accidental Farming life. Perhaps on a whim, I might just jump on a soap box about what's going on with my crazy family (the immediate one, that is).~You don't need to put a penny in the coin slot for any commentary there~ You may find, new additions to what I call "Hobby-time". Ahh yes, my hobby... I make pinback buttons (some call them badges). Sorry for the shameful plug ;-) *** And then there is the outside the box or "Offtrack" thinking, part of me. Which can be anything else from aliens to the zoology of the Loch Ness monster, but will probably be more mundane as health concerns, for instance, to vaccinate or not. Is the Earth Flat or is it Hollow? Is there a dome? Is any of it real? Do you really want to know? Police brutality and the continuing corruption of established government, Big Business, Big Oil, Big Brother. Can we survive? Should we survive? The coming montrary collapse. There is so much going on, more then we see outside our windows.

Dr They ***Video (otw)

Dr They X-Files This scene from The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat is so a-propos to today’s politics, I’m sure it was meant to be that way. Listen to Dr. They explain how what people perceive as the truth is … Continue reading

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from the tv show: WKRP in Cincinnati – Clean Up Radio Everywhere – Video (otw)

Censorship – kickin it 80’s style Brought to you, in part, from this blog: Imagine

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Have You Listened To The Mother Who’s Son Helped Kill 12 Children In Columbine

Originally posted on Reality Decoded:
The Columbine High School massacre was a school shooting that occurred on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado. The perpetrators were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They murdered 12 students and…

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100 Years Ago Today, This Was The World’s Most Disruptive Technology – The Burning Platform

Originally posted on MCViewPoint: Submitted by Nick Colas of DataTrek Research Most Disruptive Technology Submitted by Nick Colas of DataTrek Research The history of US consumerism starts with the Sears Roebuck mail order catalog. Yes, the very same Sears…

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Dorian ***the worst (here) so far

With this posting; My intention is NOT to “downgrade” the seriousness, death, or destruction associated with this particular storm; I am only showing my own story. One rotted tree can knock out the power for my house two men and … Continue reading

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Something Wicked This Way Comes (redux)

UPDATE: Dorian’s arrival: The Latest Imagery tracking the rain and wind

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My first ever colon inspection

Here I am, just a few months into my 51st year, and I finally broke down and completed my first colonoscopy. I won’t go into any details about the visit, except to say it wasn’t bad, not at all. *** … Continue reading

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

I am never one to be all “doomy and gloomy,” but this is one to watch. …and as usual, I haven’t completed my “permanent” hurricane improvements.

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We’re Facing A Brave New World

Originally posted on Highlander's View:
Photo by on Eta Onrish, The Organic Pepper Waking Times I see quite frequently, people warning that the US is becoming an ‘Orwellian nightmare,’ or that we’re living in a country that’s…

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The 5 WORST Reader’s Digest Health Myths STILL Being Propagated And Perpetuated Today

Originally posted on Truth To Power:
Readers Digest Has Exposed Themselves As Yet Another Criminal Globalist Cabal Mouthpiece! Reader’s Digest is obviously not a publication you should be looking to for health advice on anything, but it just so happens…

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Diana: The Night She Died

Originally posted on The Most Revolutionary Act:
Diana: The Night She Died Timeline (2018) Film Review Originally released in 2006, this documentary was part of a pressure campaign led by The Tatler to force British authorities to convene an inquest…

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We’re All Enemies of the State: Draconian Laws, Precrime & the Surveillance State

Originally posted on John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney:
“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”—H.L. Mencken We’ve…

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A young person with MORE Sense than 50% of Our Politicians.

Originally posted on And Then Messiah Shall Come:
This article was written by a 26 year old college student by the name of Alyssa Ahlgren, who’s in grad school for her MBA. It’s a short article but definitely worth a…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Smile More | Wake Up World

Originally posted on dreamweaver333:
Print Friendly or Save as PDF July 18th, 2019 By Tom Crawshaw Guest Writer for Wake Up World Did you know that you can instantly change your state of mind just by smiling? Source: 7 Reasons…

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Movie trivia moment (No.1): Witches of Eastwick -1987

In the movie Witches Of Eastwick, (, the main antagonist Daryl Van Horne (played by Jack Nickleson) has a car with the license plate DVH-1. ***here’s the weird(?) part; The letter “H” is the eight letter in the English language … Continue reading

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Victory: TSA Agrees to Drop $2600 Fine Against Texas Man Who Opted Not to Board a Flight Rather Than Be Subjected to Invasive Pat-Down Search

Originally posted on John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney:
HOUSTON, Tex. — The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has agreed to withdraw a fine against a Texas man who, after successfully passing through an airport security metal detector and then being randomly…

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Leave No Trace Review: The Troubling Line Between Independence And Endangerment

Originally posted on Society Reviews:
I guess I should give credit to Victor Morton, the Rightwing Film Geek for this film recommendation…but I won’t. I can already tell you that my Best & Worst films of 2018 will be VASTLY different…

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Independence Day ***2019

While there are celebrations going on here at home, half a world away we are still fighting an enemy, I will never meet. My son, on the other hand, has met them. Today, as any other “Independence Day” is not … Continue reading

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Question Of The Day (001)

Why is it obscene to show sex in the movies but not violence, or obscene to show breasts but not obscene to show mutilated body parts?

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Freedom Is a Myth: We Are All Prisoners of the Police State’s Panopticon Village

Originally posted on John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney:
“We’re run by the Pentagon, we’re run by Madison Avenue, we’re run by television, and as long as we accept those things and don’t revolt we’ll have to go along with the…

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Welcome to the Matrix: Enslaved by Technology and the Internet of Things

Originally posted on John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney:
“There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re spying on me through my phone’ anymore. Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me.’” ― Philip K. Dick If ever…

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