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Video (otw) William Cooper

William (Bill) Cooper, like him or not, he did have a point.  Things are bad and getting worse.

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Overpopulation (video) 

In a very short amount of time the human population exploded and is still growing very fast. Will this lead to the end of our civilization? Are we headed towards an Inferno (book by Dan Brown) type ending? ***btw… the … Continue reading

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Gall–Peters Projection (video) 

A little something to think about  (From The West Wing Season 2 Episode 16)  ************* Check out the Wikipedia page by clicking:

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Vaccinations and You

Regardless of your belief in the value of vaccinations, mandatory enforcement removes your legal right to medical choice. If you support or accept the removal of this right, you will have no basis to complain if your government adopts this … Continue reading

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Music… A tool of controllers 

Music… A tool of the controllers. As we know music can alter our emotions. Metal can get us angry. Classical can relax us. Rap and hip hop can make us want to buy things and have orgies. In all seriousness. … Continue reading

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The Tiny Dot (video) 

Something to think about… ​

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Why all world maps are wrong (video)

***truth or fiction…  you decide for yourself. Unfortunately, it won’t change anything 

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Cures All Diseases Except Death!

** Except… “death” is not a disease ** Nigella sativa (also known as cumin, black cumin) is an annual plant of the family Ranunculaceae. Famous for its fruit – black seeds called black cumin (do not replace it with cumin, … Continue reading

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Hell; (is this what we should expect?)…

… Comes To Frogtown Narrator: In the latter days of the 20th century, there arose a difference of opinion. [a nuclear bomb suddenly detonates] Narrator: The leading experts at the time believed a nuclear war would only involve the exchange … Continue reading

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The CIA’s War Against The 60’s Revolution And The Killing Of American & British Rock Stars

A oldie BUT a goodie… The powers that run this country and the world did not like the American and British pop/rock music culture ‘revolution’ that sprung during the 60’s. It wasn’t just a cultural thing, but it was also … Continue reading

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