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We’re Officially Sending a New Martian Rover to Search for Life on the Red Planet

*** ummm… Is there life on Mars? If so, we’re going to hunt it down. NASA’s next Red Planet rover is almost ready to make its big voyage to Mars. The next big milestone? Figuring out where this special spacecraft … Continue reading

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“A Funny Thing…” Moon Conspiracy debunked pt 1 and 2

I’m fine with a debate so if you’re inclined, go check out the videos on the link below (or search on YouTube) and then come back here and let me have it (uhhh) comment. via “A Funny Thing…” Moon Conspiracy … Continue reading

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Globe vs Flat vs Pear vs…

The latest episode of Big Picture Science radio show/podcast is called “Flat Earth” and features several interview segments about how amateurs are questioning scientific authority and attempting to sound sciencey all the while. Why do they do this? It’s complicated. … Continue reading

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Video (otw) You can’t handle the truth

I’ll let YOU run with this

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Deepfakes and fake media are coming for our memories

Doctored photos can easily create false memories. What happens when there’s fake video? By Brian Seeing is believing. And because of this fact, we’re screwed. Due to advances in artificial intelligence, it’s now possible to convincingly map anyone’s face … Continue reading

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Fermi paradox…

Simply put: is the contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Huh? Why is the solar system, galaxy, universe so large if we (humans) are the only ones? How about this: … Continue reading

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Messenger Shiva Part 1: The Event Itself

Originally posted on Butterfly Language:
In 2014 a phrase suddenly popped into my head; two words, actually. “Messenger Shiva.” I didn’t know what that meant, exactly, but I put it in my back pocket in case I ever needed a…

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Messenger Shiva Part 2: The Matrixness Intensifies

Originally posted on Butterfly Language:
This is the ultimate narrative I’ve always wanted to write—something that brings together my own life with politics, metaphysics, internet culture, and just general weirdness. This a journey that began in the aftermath of 9/11, and…

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I missed Pi Day, but the world didn’t

There’s a (not so) hidden connection between Pi and physics Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day 3.14 Where you go from here is up to you

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Mind Control: It’s All Around You!

***It isn’t called programming for nothing*** What are the effects and the perils of making hundreds of millions – even billions – of people see and hear exactly the same thing at exactly the same time all over the world, … Continue reading

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“X” marks the spot

I get home from work this morning and this: is directly over my house. Either I’m on somebody’s treasure map, OR “they” are on to me.

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Whole Foods owner profits from sales of Antifa terrorism symbols and left-wing “murder books” on

Good Golly, far be it for me to say, but… if we are to STOP doing business with every company that has ties to terrorism, the mob, drugs, politics, a certain religion, racism, lgbt, gmo, or whatever, then we would … Continue reading

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A total eclipse of SANITY: America under the spell of mass hysteria engineered by a dangerous, globalist-controlled media –

(Natural News) The total eclipse of sanity is now under way across America. Mass hysteria has gripped the minds of the gullible, many of whom now hallucinate their “reality” on a moment-by-moment basis. Before the Charlottesville violence, the entire Left … Continue reading

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The Eclipse: Something to avoid?

*** A possibility to think about regarding the eclipse. Usually the opposite of what large groups do is safest, but that’s just an idea presented.

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Video (otw) PSA: Hair Dye and Sunscreens Are Killing You

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Letting It ‘Mellow if It’s Yellow’ Is Way Better for the Environment

“If it’s yellow, let it mellow!” Or as they say in the Caribbean, “In the land of sun and fun, we do not flush for number 1.” It’s a maxim held dear by the selective flusher, and despite what cleaning … Continue reading

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Keeping Hackers Out of Your Social Media Accounts… 

Hackers rarely invent new tricks. Rather, they just find new ways to use old ones. When Tom Van de Wiele — F-Secure Principal Security Consultant — was growing up, taking over IRC accounts and channels was the thing. “Now people … Continue reading

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FrankenSkies is an 80 minute social change documentary regarding the Solar Geoengineering/Chemtrail agenda that affects every living being on earth. The struggle of bringing awareness to this subject, despite the obstacles of a socially engineered populace and the military industrial … Continue reading

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Video (otw) William Cooper

William (Bill) Cooper, like him or not, he did have a point.  Things are bad and getting worse.

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Overpopulation (video) 

In a very short amount of time the human population exploded and is still growing very fast. Will this lead to the end of our civilization? Are we headed towards an Inferno (book by Dan Brown) type ending? ***btw… the … Continue reading

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Gall–Peters Projection (video) 

A little something to think about  (From The West Wing Season 2 Episode 16)  ************* Check out the Wikipedia page by clicking:

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