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Overpopulation (video) 

In a very short amount of time the human population exploded and is still growing very fast. Will this lead to the end of our civilization?

Are we headed towards an Inferno (book by Dan Brown) type ending?

***btw… the book was a better read then watching the movie… in my opinion, of course. The movie went “sideways” a bit too much (especially at the end). 


Gall–Peters Projection (video) 

A little something to think about 

(From The West Wing Season 2 Episode 16) 


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Vaccinations and You

Regardless of your belief in the value of vaccinations, mandatory enforcement removes your legal right to medical choice. If you support or accept the removal of this right, you will have no basis to complain if your government adopts this precedent to enforce a policy with which you do NOT agree. So, as we move closer to losing the legal right to medical choice, what can we do?
By contributing writer Andy Whiteley


Music… A tool of controllers 

Music… A tool of the controllers.
As we know music can alter our emotions. Metal can get us angry. Classical can relax us. Rap and hip hop can make us want to buy things and have orgies.
In all seriousness. Music is a frequency.  The sounds we hear vibrate at a certain electromagnetic wave. Depending on what wave it emits, depends on how “sucked in” we become.  We become “entertained” and our mind and music become synchronised together. Once we are in this state, we are susceptible to subconscious messages. No matter how “aware” “awake” you claim to be, you cannot consciously listen to music without downloading the subconscious messages.

**Yes I listen to music, I’m not being a hypocrite. But I am very very careful what I listen too.**

People will also try to defend my sick using the HERTZ argument. That mainstream popular music uses 440 HZ vs 432HZ. And this is why it brainwashes or not. However, take into consideration the word itself. HERTZ/hurts. Literally rubbing it in your face. It hurts your brain.  

The higher the frequency the more likely we are susceptible to implanted messages and become sick. As to why it’s called music/my sic/ my sickness 
Ever heard of the Schumann resonance ? It’s 8hz. It’s literally the EMF of Mother Earth. It’s her heart beat. Why do I bring this up? Because that is the frequency we should be vibrating at. Not increasing it! This is why we feel so wonderful walking in nature, grounding with our bare feet, touching a tree or smelling a flower.
Want to understand more? Start researching. Use your critical thinking skills to challenge everything we’ve been taught. I can’t always hold your hand.

It’s up to you to discover the truth for yourself.

Don’t believe me?

Then research and prove me wrong!

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The Tiny Dot (video) 

Something to think about… 


Why all world maps are wrong (video)

***truth or fiction… 

you decide for yourself. Unfortunately, it won’t change anything 

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Cures All Diseases Except Death!

** Except… “death” is not a disease **

Nigella sativa (also known as cumin, black cumin) is an annual plant of the family Ranunculaceae. Famous for its fruit – black seeds called black cumin (do not replace it with cumin, Cumunum cyminum, which can be found in almost every trade).

Black Cumin

One of the most popular herbs in the history of medicine. In ancient Egypt, it was used to improve digestion, with colds, headaches, infections and toothache.

The seeds of black cumin were found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Cumin is mentioned in the Bible and Haditha. Islamic Prophet Muhammad speaks of him as follows: “Black cumin heals every disease except death.”


Black cumin, cumin or Nigella sativa, was used in ancient Egypt, and today is known as one of the most effective herbs to prevent and treat a range of health problems. Many refer to it as the panacea, those who treated almost all diseases.

More than 200 studies showed that cumin has an effect on the large number of diseases, especially autoimmune – such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, allergy, allergic rhinitis, as well as reduced cholesterol and triglycerides, reduces sugar disease, high blood pressure, eczema, acne, bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis, gastritis, ulcers, infection helical bacteria, liver disease, chronic fatigue, poor circulation, cancer, and is of great help with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Clinically proven to black cumin alleviates allergy symptoms, allergic rhinitis, and allergic asthma. His oil expands airways and makes breathing easier, and its antibiotic action prevents the development of secondary bacterial infections, which often occur with seasonal allergies.

Naturally and safely prepare the body to react to allergens less severe and gradually increases the tolerance of the organism to them.

Great for the Heart

Cumin is beneficial to the cardiovascular system. By strengthening the wall of blood vessels and increasing their resilience leads to regulation of blood pressure.

Studies have shown that the use of black cumin oil results in reduced total cholesterol, triglycerides, and the value of the so-called bad (LDL) cholesterol. It can be used for lowering blood sugar levels by stimulating the pancreas to secrete insulin and increases the sensitivity of cells to it. A special effect shows in diabetes type second

In recent years, research has demonstrated the antitumor activity of black cumin, and it can be used as an aid in the treatment of cancer because it acts directly on cancer cells and strengthens the defensive power of the organism.


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Hell; (is this what we should expect?)…

… Comes To Frogtown
Narrator: In the latter days of the 20th century, there arose a difference of opinion.

[a nuclear bomb suddenly detonates]

Narrator: The leading experts at the time believed a nuclear war would only involve the exchange of a few bombs. And then, the suitably horrified combatants would sit down at the peace table.

[Another explosion]

Narrator: They were wrong. In just 10 days, 10,000 years of human progress was virtually blown to dust.

Narrator: 10 years later, they tried again.
*** there’s a lesson to be learned here ***

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The CIA’s War Against The 60’s Revolution And The Killing Of American & British Rock Stars

A oldie BUT a goodie…

The powers that run this country and the world did not like the American and British pop/rock music culture ‘revolution’ that sprung during the 60’s. It wasn’t just a cultural thing, but it was also the opposition to the Vietnam War and the most profitable American institution: The Military Industrial Complex. It was an era when young people used their brains and fought the status quo, the establishment.
Very soon, the machinery to stomp out this revolution was put in place. A special assassination group was formed using ‘the best of the best’ from the CIA, FBI and the military special forces group.
There are certain same ‘doctors’ and ‘psychiatrists’ and ‘specialists’ that come in and out of the picture during the JFK, RFK and Lennon assassinations. These are also players in these deaths, under varous assumed names.
Their techniques did not just incude asassinations by marksmen but also killings by ‘accident’, ‘suicides’, ‘drug overdose’ and lone ‘crazy’ killers.
Within a few years, between 1968 and 1976, many of the most famous names associated with this early movementaginst the establishmen were killed.
Mama Cass Elliott, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin were all at the Monterey Pop celebration, summer 1967.


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Video (otw) “Stomp My Flag…” 


What is happening to Our Current Reality! YouTube

Is it a problem with our memory?
Is it just a simple name change?
Or is something else going on?

Food for thought

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Flat Earth: MUST SEE!!! Islands disappearing in favor of land. (climate change hoax)

*NOT to be confused with Video (otw) but a good enough video on a critical enough issue.*


Everything is Fake:


Everything is fake in our society today – or at least a great many things are. Our world is filled with an extraordinary amount of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing.

The good thing though is that once you awaken to the deception, you can use it as a tool for raising your consciousness. The idea that virtually everything is fake can be empowering rather than depressing.

Sure, we’ve all felt overwhelmed, sad, angry and impotent at times when we’ve seen just how easily our (mis)leaders can fool the masses with sophistry and empty rhetoric, but they’ve all been placed there to challenge us to wake up more quickly and fully, and reclaim our world.

Here’s my list of the top 40 pieces of fakery in our world today:

Check out the link below

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All Things Masonic: Friday the 13th-The Beginning of the End

Friday the 13th-The Beginning of the End

Today is Friday the 13th, probably the most feared day and date combination of the year.  This is especially true if you were Jacques Demolay or a Knights Templar in France in 1307.
Here is the story in a nutshell.  At dawn on Friday, October 13, 1307, throughout all of France, soldiers, bailiffs and officials simultaneously opened sealed orders from King Phillip IV of France ordering them to arrest all Knights Templar, take them into custody, charge them with heresy and obtain confessions using torture is needed.  They were also to confiscate all Templar properties and treasuries before the actions could be reported to Pope Clement.  Sham trials were conducted and all Templars were declared guilty of heresy. Sixty one Knights Templar, including the Grandmaster Jacque Demolay, were burned at the stake.  The remaining Templars were imprisoned where many died and some were eventually pardoned by the Pope and released.
Now for more of the story….
King Phillip was obsessed with obtaining power and money. He used all means to obtain them no matter what the cost of who stood in his way.  His ambitions knew no bounds. I other words, he was just a well dressed thug on a nice horse and like any other common criminal he possessed no ethics, conscious on any integrity.
The High Cost of War
By 1306, pressed by the cost of the ten year war with England along with regional conflicts, the French finances were in trouble and King Phillip’s credit line was stopped.  King Phillip did not have a stable system of taxation to generate new revenue so he attempted to raise funds in other ways. Several of the things he did were to expel 100,000 Jewish citizens from France, seizing all of their property and money, and he reduced the gold content of the currency by two thirds, which resulted in riots.
With the country being on the threshold of bankruptcy, King Phillip needed to devise another plan and his eyes turned to the Knights Templar.  The Knights Templar rivaled all of the European kingdoms in political influence, military strength and wealth.  The Templars reported not to any king, but only to the church.  In fact, at that time, the Paris temple was the largest bank in Europe which included much of the treasury of the French government.
King Phillip IV attempted to tax the clergy which resulted in an argument between King Phillip and the Pope about who had the power for taxation.
Pope Boniface VII responded by preparing a bill of excommunication against King Phillip (Super Petri Solo). The Pope intended to publish the bill but he was assaulted and kidnapped by French troops prior to being able to publish the bill. The Pope was rescued but did not recover from his injuries and died shortly after being rescued.
King Phillip the Fair had great influence over the election of a new Pope (Clement V). Pope Clement was from Gascony France and moved his office from Rome to France.
King Phillip had no authority to arrest the Templars, so he devised a devious plan to eliminate the Templars and seize their wealth.
Rumors and gossip had been circulating within France of strange practices and rituals practiced by the Knights Templar. King Phillip, with sinister motivation, whispered these rumors into the ear of Pope Clement V at the papal coronation.  King Phillip asked the Pope to investigate the Templars, meanwhile King Phillip secretly had his attorneys compiling evidence against the Templars.  He argued masterfully for an investigation of the Templars for repudiation of the faith and for heresy.
In addition, the King began a smear campaign defaming the order to the various royal courts of Europe.  He also had his lawyers establish a spy network to live among the Templars and collect information.
The arrest operation was a huge undertaking in many aspects.  France, at that time, was a large country of about 44,000 square miles to be covered by hundreds of the King’s men.  The Knights Templar has approximately 9000 land holdings ranging from castles to vineyards.  These holdings were occupied by approximately 15,000 Knight Templars.
On the first day of the operation it is believed that over 600 arrests were made with an emphasis on the orders command staff.  This includes the Grandmaster, the Treasurer and various Preceptors.  These individuals were isolated and immediately questioned, and subjected to torture in order to obtain confessions.  King Phillip wanted many confessions to present to the Pope in order to overwhelm the Pope and to gain his support for the operation.
Pope Clement, at King Phillip’s request, issues arrest warrants Knights Templar throughout Europe.  These Papal warrants were served very slowly and no Templars, outside of France, were found guilty (if they were even located).
In France, during the trials, may Templars recanted their confessions because they were obtained under torture or the threat of death.  In 1310, King Phillip ordered that 61 Templars be burned at the stake because they had recanted their confessions.
Pope Clement V saw the persecution doing irreparable harm to the church and granted immunity to the Templars leaders (plus other actions see bull Ad providam).  His actions were never carried out as the Pope became seriously ill.
Jacques Demolay and other Templars were sentenced to life imprisonment. When Grandmaster Demolay heard this he refused to accept the sentence.  On March 18, 1314 King Phillip seized Jacques Demolay and Geoffrey de Charmey from legal custody and had them burned at the stake on an island on the river Seine.
Jacques Demolay asked that his wrists be untied.  As the fire started his eyes gazed at the Cathedral Notre Dame and he prayed. The Grandmaster then gave the Templars curse. Within a year following Demolay’s death both Pope Clement and King Phillip IV were dead.

For and excellent read and research done from primary sources

The Templars, The Secret History Revealed by Barbara Frale Vatican Secret Archives Historian

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Are You Pro – Vaccine?

I don’t get paid for my information.
i do it solely to inform; (the people need to know) the truth, and they don’t get it from the mainstream media.

But then I’m a nobody and why would people listen to me?


COVER-UP: ‘American Horror Story’, The Shameful Truth About The Government’s Secret Experiments – By John Whitehead


Source –

“…The mindset driving these programs has, appropriately, been likened to that of Nazi doctors experimenting on Jews. As the Holocaust Museum recounts, Nazi physicians “conducted painful and often deadly experiments on thousands of concentration camp prisoners without their consent.” These unethical experiments ran the gamut from freezing experiments using prisoners to find an effective treatment for hypothermia, tests to determine the maximum altitude for parachuting out of a plane, injecting prisoners with malaria, typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, yellow fever, and infectious hepatitis, exposing prisoners to phosgene and mustard gas, and mass sterilization experiments”:

(American Horror Story: The Shameful Truth About The Government’s Secret Experiments – By Jim

“Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may…

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Glyphosate: How to Mass-Market an Incredibly Dangerous Pesticide

So many poisons, so short a life span.
So not good!

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Just a little pessimism

… with a touch of optimism

I woke up this morning, started a prayer to the creator, wishing to thank her for all the peace and love, the end of war and disease, no more famine and starvation. I was about to thank her for the world she created, BUT as I looked out the window, I decided to hope for a better world tomorrow.

Who said that?
I said that… go me!

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Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help with Weight Loss?

I like Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, myself. I don’t drink it often, but that’s the kind for me.

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$100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses… National Cancer Institute’s shocking admission affects millions of patients

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National Cancer Institute report admits millions have been falsely treated for ‘cancer’

I’m hardly a doctor, but I found this article (and subsequent ongoing personal research) interesting, to say the least.

National Cancer Institute report admits millions have been falsely treated for ‘cancer’
(NaturalNews) A significant number of people who have undergone treatment for cancer over the past several decades may not have ever actually had the disease, admits a new report commissioned by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI). Published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), this government study identifies both overdiagnosis and misdiagnosis of cancer as two major causes of this growing epidemic, which together have led to the needless treatment of millions of otherwise healthy individuals with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

The report drops a few major bombshells on the way that many cancers are diagnosed. Breast cancer, for instance, is sometimes not breast cancer at all but rather a benign condition such as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). However, untold millions of women with DCIS have been misdiagnosed as having breast cancer, and subsequently treated for a condition that likely never would have caused them any health problems. And similarly in men, high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN), a type of premalignant precursor to cancer, is commonly mistreated as if it was actual cancer.

“The practice of oncology in the United States is in need of a host of reforms and initiatives to mitigate the problem of overdiagnosis and overtreatment of cancer, according to a working group sanctioned by the National Cancer Institute,” explains about the study. “Perhaps most dramatically, the group says that a number of premalignant conditions, including ductal carcinoma in situ and high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, should no longer be called ‘cancer.'”

Conventional cancer treatments once again shown to be a leading cause of cancer
These are shocking admissions, considering that NCI is a government-funded agency that tends to favor the conventional cancer diagnosis and treatment model, even when it is shown to be a failure. But even worse is the inference that untold millions of healthy people have been treated with poison and radiation for conditions they never even had, which likely caused many of them to develop real cancer and even die as a result.

As it turns out, the entire concept of “early diagnosis” itself is fundamentally flawed, since many of the methods used to diagnose fail to differentiate between benign and malignant cancer cells. This means that many people who are falsely diagnosed with cancer will end up developing cancer as a result of getting treatment for cancers they never had, a phenomenon that proves the absurdity of the entire model.

“[E]ven in the case of finding the tumor early enough to contain it through surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, it is well-known that the minority subpopulation of cancer stem cells within these tumors will be enriched and therefore made more malignant through conventional treatment,” explains Sayer Ji for

“For instance, radiotherapy radiation wavelengths were only recently found by UCLA Jonnsson Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers to transform breast cancer cells into highly malignant cancer stem-cell like cells, with 30 times high malignancy post-treatment.”

Cancer is really the body’s attempt to survive, not an outside ‘attack’
In Ji’s view, the underlying issue is that the conventional cancer model erroneously views cancer as some kind of outside attack on the body that must be aggressively fought with rigorous treatment, rather than the survival mechanism that it actually is. When the body is perpetually deficient in nutrients, for instance, or when it becomes overburdened by radiation, carcinogens and other toxins from the environment and food, cancer can develop as a response to this harmful onslaught.

“Our entire world view of cancer needs to shift from an enemy that ‘attacks’ us and that we must wage war against, to something our body does, presumably to survive an increasingly inhospitable, nutrient-deprived, carcinogen- and radiation-saturated environment,” adds Ji.

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