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  • THE GHOST OF FORLORN LANE – (chapter 18)

    Written by Kimberlee Dodge To start chapter 1 – go here: ***find this book on Amazon*** *the final chapter* Chapter 18 There was this hole.   “Maybe you should ask Grandma Rosa if this is a good idea,” Julie said as we headed out to the garage to look for the shovels. “Maybe she’s…

  • Introducing a new author…

    Kimberlee Dodge There’s a new author in town.Once started out as a YA (young adult) book writer – with two complete three book series (plus a yet to be published Christmas book)… she is branching out for the older crowd (still PG rated). If you are into ghosts or psychic type metaphysics – you should…

  • Grief

    Grief Grief doesn’t just show up the day they die Grief shows up on a random Monday night Grief shows up in aisle five at the grocery store Grief shows up when they’re favorite song comes on the radio Grief shows up at the dining room table Grief shows up at your graduation and wedding…

  • Suicide: The end – NOT the solution

    Recently my wife and I found out that a family friend committed suicide. If YOU are depressed or suicidal – there are people that can help. You are not alone. Don’t give up! The image above was posted where I work about three weeks ago – almost like a premonition. ***Be Safe and Bmore***

  • The unReal World

    Depression and anxiety are liars. Now, I consider myself a somewhat-smart person, but there are times when it’s hard to determine which of my thoughts are the lies. Sometimes, I can tell the difference, but my stupid brain chooses to believe the lie anyway. Lies, such as: I’m a loserI’m uglyI’m fatI make too many…

  • -Through Kimberlee’s Eyes – video (otw)

    Originally posted on PliscaPlace: This is just a little snippet of my beautiful daughter’s life, her family, her friends. We love you Pumpkin. You are so missed. Shine on my Beautiful Star!

  • Introducing Kimberlee Dodge and her first book; THE GHOST OF FORLORN LANE

    The Ghost of Forlorn Laneby Kimberlee DodgeGenre: YA ParanormalRelease Date: November 20th 2020 Summary: “I wanted to know, have you or your sister been rearranging the things in the upstairs cupboards.” Mom asked me.“You mean YOU didn’t move the towels?”“No, I didn’t. I also didn’t move things around in the kitchen after I got back…

  • Toxic & Poisoned

    The air I breathe in this city is dirty and heavy; I wake up with a blocked nose. I can’t breathe properly, it is heavy and dense here with smog lurking. Why do I feel ill every day? The water I drink is heavy, full of metals, fluoride and god knows what else. The food…

  • Notes #37

    Notes #37

  • On the fragility of life

    Everyone dies! Nothing is permanent. How to cope with this volatile life. On the fragility of life

  • The hatred for ‘Karens’ is out of control – spiked

    Yes, I’m pissed, and you should be too. Enough is Enough! My wife’s name is Karen… why – do you have a problem with that? K-L-M! It’s 2020 and one of the most popular trends on the internet is the ritualistic humiliation of women. Specifically of white, usually middle-aged women. They’re called ‘Karens’. And the…

  • -Through Kimberlee’s Eyes – video (otw)

    This is just a little snippet of my beautiful daughter’s life, her family, her friends. We love you Pumpkin. You are so missed. Shine on my Beautiful Star!

  • Independence Day ***2019

    While there are celebrations going on here at home, half a world away we are still fighting an enemy, I will never meet. My son, on the other hand, has met them. Today, as any other “Independence Day” is not a good day for him. Now he lives with PTSD… So there’s that. 😦


  • Crossing Over

    Pixie (my puppy of 15+ years), and her  trip over Rainbow Bridge ***01072018 Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they…

  • (update) Something Wicked This Way Comes (update) 

    Those of us who stayed behind 

  • Something wicked this way comes (no, not the movie) 

    Weather wars (designed for maximum destruction)  I’m not in the direct path, but I’m close enough (especially for a catagory 5 – is anywhere really safe?). My wife is taking the kids north to New Hampshire. Me? Nope, I’m staying. Yes, my life has value.  ***Have faith, all things will work out.  

  • The continuing Custody Battle (a new bill) 

    And here we go again… this custody battle is taking place, not to “support” the attorney we are paying, we are doing this because it is the right (and in the best interest) thing to do our granddaughter. Then we get a bill (I guess our retain fee has been used up), for $897. Now…

  • *custody battle* The Return of the Grandbaby

    So… father (never been a “daddy” to this baby)  dearest is supposed to be returning our grandchild today. *Yes, it’s been two weeks already. – I never would have agreed to letting him take her out of state, but I’m trying to play nice, and all… But guess what? Yesterday he tells my wife he…

  • Six (6) months and a few hours later

    Six months ago today (about 3am eastern time) my 25 year old daughter passed from this life, my wife wrote an open letter and I’m sharing it here, now… * * * An open letter to whoever came up with the idea that having a funeral after a tragic loss was a really great idea:…

  • For my wife

  • Happy Happy Birthday 

    Happy Happy Birthday to the Greatest Granddaughter I could ask for.  What’s so terrible about two, with a face like that? 

  • Visitation #1 (day one) 

    This is day number one of (I’ll call him) “Matt” visiting his daughter. It has been nearly 6 months since he has spent any real time (and that was only a day) with his daughter and before that, a year. In the mediation, we agreed to allow him the days surrounding her birthday, so here…

  • The Battle goes on

    Mediation day came and went with a few hiccups. We didn’t stick to the plan we had laid out, but…  it wasnt a total disaster either. We agreed on a few visitation days for him (supervised of course). *sigh* What did we get? Hmmm, that’s a very good question. We have had physical custody, but…

  • Today Is Your Birthday! 

    Today is Karen’s birthday. Well Happy Birthday To You! Happy, Happy Birthday to you Sweetheart 

  • Custody Battle (looking forward) 

    ​”In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power–Green Lantern’s light!” Okay, so I may have gotten ahead of my self, just a little. *more on this later…  The wife  and I got all our paperwork  into the lawyers office on time, and…

  • Custody Battle (the continuing saga) 

    All this paperwork is enough to drive anyone batty. When first I was reading the information we were to give the attorney, I read it as they requiring me to come up with three (3) years of check stubs. Really? Three years worth? Good golly, why three years? ~the reality of the situation is, they…

  • So it begins… CUSTODY BATTLE

    So, on February 14 (yes that’s valentine’s day here in the US of A) my wife and I retained ourselves a lawyer. Other then the receipt by email, we hear nothing from our attorney for two weeks, then out of the blue (and quite unexpected), the sheriff arrives to serve my wife custody papers. Seems…

  • Another hole in the wall

    Anger; yesterday (Feb 16) my son was fifteen, stayed home from school for being sick again. About four in the afternoon, he started pleading with his mum to let him go to his friends house, “they will even come to pick me up”, says he. The problem is that he is still contagious with strep…

  • Baby Kennedy

    Baby Kennedy

       She is doing wonderful, thanks for asking!