For my Mother (16 August)

If only my mother was still here. You see,  she died (on this day) a few years ago. I didn’t take the time to tell her how much I loved her. Now she is gone, and all the things I never told her, she will never know.

Giftmas 2016

Here at the Taylor House, we celebrate our version of Christmas (much like the traditional/commercialized one) in July. We don’t call it Christmas, but instead have renamed, it for our purposes, to Giftmas. Yes, we put up a tree, decorating it like everyone else. Yes, we put up a few outdoor lights, we are the… Continue reading Giftmas 2016

Domestic abuse *update*

Apparently, in Liberty county (perhaps the whole state) the definition of “abuse” is ONLY defined with violent behavior (as in physical) abuse, in mind. There are in fact different types of abuse, to include; sexual, physical verbal, emotional, academic,  and psychological Abuse. It’s a sad situation, when we tell my daughter what abuse is, AND… Continue reading Domestic abuse *update*

*** Happy Happy ***

Happy happy fifth Anniversary to Karen and her husband! Here’s to many many many more years together.

How mothers can support daughters coping with an abusive relationship

How mothers can support daughters coping with an abusive relationship Are you a despairing mother whose daughter is in an abusive relationship and you’re at your wits end trying to work out how best to support her? Have you opened your home time and time again, then your daughter comes home and you and your… Continue reading How mothers can support daughters coping with an abusive relationship

Thief in the house

Imagine you’re  a 13 year old girl in Middle School. Imagine you’re a 13 year old Autistic girl in Middle School. Did your perception change/shift the slightest bit? Now imagine struggling through all the social awkwardness of trying to make and keep friends, and no matter how nice you are, you’re always running into less… Continue reading Thief in the house

16 Life Skills Every Kid Should Know Before Leaving Home | Kindred Spirit Mommy

I’ve made a list here of life skills every kid should know by the time they’re ready to leave home. Don’t wait until your kid isn’t a kid anymore (18+) to go over these – do it while they’re young! Note:  You can find how-to videos on youtube for any of these. I suggest watching… Continue reading 16 Life Skills Every Kid Should Know Before Leaving Home | Kindred Spirit Mommy


… is what he has over her. Sometimes using their baby, sometimes threats of harming himself. She loves him (only she knows why); could it be because of the little girl they have together? Over a year ago they came here, there was no baby then, and like usual, things were better. Sure, there was the… Continue reading Control…

Spring Extravaganza

We don’t “do” the national holidays, not in our house. Oh don’t get me wrong we still celebrate something similar to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and the like, but we call them different names, celebrate them on different days and we do different things. Our “Easter” is as close to the first day of Spring that… Continue reading Spring Extravaganza

The plan was simple…

… don’t write about any family matters. Well, so much for keeping my blog on the straight and narrow. This category has been created for me to rant, (or rave) about the goings on with the antics of family. I’ll try and keep it pleasant and civil, but at times that just may be impossible.… Continue reading The plan was simple…