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  • Noah’s Bullship same as CDC’s Scamshit

    People believe the bibles story of noah’s ark AND people believe the cdc’s covid19 scenario – seems the world is full of the same type of people. From the beginning of creation, to the end of creation – people want to be accepted so they will “go with” the majority. I don’t run on automatic […]

  • Not cutting it

    Circumcision has endured because of tradition, not because of rationale nor medical benefit. Nor has it ever been successful as an anti-masturbatory measure, which is why it gained prominence in the West 150 years ago. When a custom remains after its original intent has vanished, it has morphed into a ritual. And ritual is one […]

  • The Spiritual-Science of How and Why Prayer Works

    “A prayer is a form of subtle energy or psychic interaction with divine-consciousness that operates through strong sincere intention.” ***the results are the same… only I don’t call “it” prayer***

  • All about the Context!

    Video of the week WARNING*** A religious (christian) video.

  • Will The Real God Please Stand up?… We’re Gonna Have a Problem Here!

    Personally, I don’t like to talk “god”, but I did find this an interesting piece of thinking. ************* We have never seen aliens but we still believe we are not the only intelligent life in existence, we’ve never seen intuition, but swear by that gut feeling that told us to be wary of someone or […]

  • Random Quote (otd)

    People can judge me for what I’ve done. And I think when somebody’s out in the public eye, that’s what they do. So I’m fully comfortable with who I am, what I stand for, and what I’ve always stood for. ~Hillary Clinton

  • Just a little pessimism

    … with a touch of optimism I woke up this morning, started a prayer to the creator, wishing to thank her for all the peace and love, the end of war and disease, no more famine and starvation. I was about to thank her for the world she created, BUT as I looked out the […]

  • Most Americans pray for healing

    “Prayer” is not for me (positive thinking is the term I use), but something akin to “laying on of  hands” (again with the positive energy) is not outside the realm of possibilities. Most Americans pray for healing; more than one-fourth have practiced ‘laying on of hands’ April 18, 2016 Nearly nine of 10 Americans have […]

  • I did not know

    Until 10-15 years ago, you could claim that “you did not know”, but this is the information age, and to say “I did not know”, is the same as saying “I’ve been under a rock for the last several years”. Good, bad, or ugly; the information is out there. Sadly the truth is hard to […]

  • Fluoride***

    What exactly does this mean; safe if swallowed? So, I’m guessing (not really) that fluoride itself is NOT safe if swallowed? But to find out, someone needs to call the poison control center, the number is on any package of fluoride containing toothpaste, btw. Or maybe fluoride is just not good for children? But let’s […]

  • Mary Magdalene In Our Time Mary Magdalene is one of the best-known figures in the Bible and has been a frequent inspiration to artists and writers over the last 2000 years. According to the New Testament, she was at the foot of the cross when Jesus was crucified and was one of the first people to see Jesus after […]