Noah’s Bullship same as CDC’s Scamshit

People believe the bibles story of noah’s ark AND people believe the cdc’s covid19 scenario – seems the world is full of the same type of people.

From the beginning of creation, to the end of creation – people want to be accepted so they will “go with” the majority.

I don’t run on automatic – I think outside the box

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own. ~ The Prisoner


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Not cutting it

Circumcision has endured because of tradition, not because of rationale nor medical benefit. Nor has it ever been successful as an anti-masturbatory measure, which is why it gained prominence in the West 150 years ago. When a custom remains after its original intent has vanished, it has morphed into a ritual. And ritual is one […]

Not cutting it

The Spiritual-Science of How and Why Prayer Works

“A prayer is a form of subtle energy or psychic interaction with divine-consciousness that operates through strong sincere intention.”

***the results are the same… only I don’t call “it” prayer***

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All about the Context!

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A religious (christian) video.


Will The Real God Please Stand up?… We’re Gonna Have a Problem Here!

Personally, I don’t like to talk “god”, but I did find this an interesting piece of thinking.

We have never seen aliens but we still believe we are not the only intelligent life in existence, we’ve never seen intuition, but swear by that gut feeling that told us to be wary of someone or when a marriage was over. And what about the air we breathe, time that passes us by or love and hope that compels us to do things we’ve never thought possible and feel things we’ve never felt before? How do all of these things look or taste? What does it sound like? We believe and have faith in the existence of so many things that we cannot even see and perhaps the biggest leap of faith that mankind ever took was believing in a higher power or God.

As I have mentioned in many of my posts, we are familiar with only a tiny portion of our whole selves and identify ourselves predominantly as physical beings. In reality, we are multidimensional personalities; we are consciousnesses who are not limited to this physical world or time and space for that matter. Furthermore, we are not the only reality in existence. There are multiple dimensions/ systems of reality, that we visit in dream states/ some trance states and multiple forms of consciousnesses (manifested physically and non- physically). Now, since we have such a limited perception of our true selves, when we think of God, we inherently think of this Supreme Being in our own image. We imagine a male personality with qualities that we lack and admire, copiously enhanced. So, if you think about it, our image of God kept changing throughout time, with the changing images of ourselves.

God was imagined as violent, strong and cruel when these attributes were considered imperative for our survival, he has been imagined as a woman, a lush, trickster, polygamist, merciful, lovable, intelligent and every other character trait we ourselves possess. We even have numerous kinds of Gods represented by wind, sun, nature, animals, healing, wealth, sleep, death! Our idea of God is pretty much everything and nothing at the same time. If we can, even for a second, fathom our own multidimensional selves and how we dwell in a network of interrelated systems of infinite probable and alternate realities then perhaps we can catch a glimpse of the idea behind the word God. What we think of God now and the answers that we have for the various questions pertaining to it literally makes no sense outside of our own system of reality.

God, therefore is not just the first creator of you and me and everything else in the observable universe but the very and the only Source from which all reality systems, inside and outside of our current perception, was birthed. Just as our multidimensional reality is not consciously perceived by us but, nevertheless is not apart and exists enmeshed, superimposed and all about our physical system, similarly GOD IS NOT APART from anything and everything, including other systems of realities… which includes ghost realms, aliens and probably mutant gigantic cockroaches killing and chowing down on tiny humans. Ok, this part was not necessary but then things were getting pretty serious anyway!

Looking at it this way we would be able to realize that God is the sum of everything in existence and more, which furthermore goes to say we experience God in everything whether we are aware or not. Furthermore, we are a part of this God, manifested as flesh, blood and energy and He (term used for convenience sake only since gender or form is not applicable here) is the life force that gives vitality and validity to our multidimensional selves/ Soul. Therefore, our soul is eternal and must create, as it was created, which is how all systems of reality came into being in the first place, something like the layers of water that cascade down from the original fountain.

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Random Quote (otd)

People can judge me for what I’ve done. And I think when somebody’s out in the public eye, that’s what they do. So I’m fully comfortable with who I am, what I stand for, and what I’ve always stood for. ~Hillary Clinton

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Just a little pessimism

… with a touch of optimism

I woke up this morning, started a prayer to the creator, wishing to thank her for all the peace and love, the end of war and disease, no more famine and starvation. I was about to thank her for the world she created, BUT as I looked out the window, I decided to hope for a better world tomorrow.

Who said that?
I said that… go me!

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Most Americans pray for healing

“Prayer” is not for me (positive thinking is the term I use), but something akin to “laying on of  hands” (again with the positive energy) is not outside the realm of possibilities.

Most Americans pray for healing; more than one-fourth have practiced ‘laying on of hands’

April 18, 2016
Nearly nine of 10 Americans have relied upon healing prayer at some point in their lives, praying for others even more than for themselves, according to a study by a Baylor University epidemiologist.
“The most surprising finding is that more than a quarter of all Americans have practiced laying on of hands—and nearly one in five has done so on multiple occasions,” said Jeff Levin, Ph.D., M.P.H., University Professor of Epidemiology and Population Health and director of the Program on Religion and Population Health at Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion.
“Outside of belief in God, there may be no more ubiquitous religious expression in the U.S. than use of healing prayer,” Levin said.
The findings also suggest that prayer may be among them most widely used forms of treatment for medical problems, rather than a “fringe activity” as many people might believe, he said.
The study is published in the Journal of Religion and Health. Findings are based on analyses of data from the third round of the Baylor Religion Survey, a nationally representative population survey conducted in partnership with the Gallup Organization in 2010.
More than three-fourths of Americans have prayed for their own healing, and nearly a third do so often, Levin said. Nearly 90 percent have prayed for the healing of others, and more than half report doing so often. More than half of Americans have asked for healing prayer and have taken part in prayer groups.
“Interestingly, most people who use prayer for healing do so alongside regular medical care, rather than as a substitution, as has been presumed up to now,” Levin said. “Healing prayer is being used more as a complementary treatment rather than as an alternative one.”
The practice of laying on of hands is found in the Bible and has long been used by Christians and Jews as a means to ordain clergy and to bless people, but also to transmit physical healing, Levin said.
“For many of us, the image that might come to mind is the faith healer. But these findings show that the practice is much more widespread, as is healing prayer in general,” he said.
Statistical analysis of the survey of 1,714 U.S. adults showed that:
78.8 percent of participants have prayed for healing for themselves at some point in their lives, and 32.4 percent do so often
87.4 percent have prayed for healing for others, and 51.1 percent do so often
54.1 percent have asked for prayers for their health
26.1 percent have given a “laying on of hands” for healing
53 percent have participated in a prayer group, prayer circle or prayer chain
While certain factors, such as frequent religious attendance, reading Scripture or meditation, were predictive of at least one form of healing prayer, the one most consistent predictor was a loving relationship with God, the study found.
“People who feel a close connection to God, who love God and feel loved by God, are the very people most likely to pray for healing: for themselves or others, alone or in a group, and verbally or through laying on of hands,” Levin said.
“These people are taking to heart the biblical call to ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ something found in both the Old and New Testaments.”
Whether the prayers work is beyond the scope of his research, Levin said.
“So much has been written in the medical literature in the past several years about the possibility that prayer heals,” he said. “There have even been a series of controversial and inconclusive clinical trials.
“But with so much attention paid to the efficacy of prayer—something science may not ever be capable of proving one way or another to everyone’s satisfaction—almost no attention has been given to simply documenting the practice. How many people pray for healing? How often? Who are these folks? That’s why this study was done.”
The next step will be to investigate whether there are differences in rates of healing prayer across religions and denominations, Levin said.
But “preliminary analysis suggests that the practice is widespread, regardless of one’s religious background or beliefs.”

Prayer is a curious word, with an even more curious definition.

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I did not know

Until 10-15 years ago, you could claim that “you did not know”, but this is the information age, and to say “I did not know”, is the same as saying “I’ve been under a rock for the last several years”.
Good, bad, or ugly; the information is out there. Sadly the truth is hard to find.
Keep searching, if you don’t find it, it will find you.

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What exactly does this mean; safe if swallowed?


So, I’m guessing (not really) that fluoride itself is NOT safe if swallowed? But to find out, someone needs to call the poison control center, the number is on any package of fluoride containing toothpaste, btw. Or maybe fluoride is just not good for children? But let’s go ahead and make it taste so damn good so that kids will WANT to eat it.
~Baaahd Wolf


Mary Magdalene In Our Time

Mary Magdalene is one of the best-known figures in the Bible and has been a frequent inspiration to artists and writers over the last 2000 years. According to the New Testament, she was at the foot of the cross when Jesus was crucified and was one of the first people to see Jesus after the resurrection. However, her identity has provoked a large amount of debate and in the Western Church she soon became conflated with two other figures mentioned in the Bible, a repentant sinner and Mary of Bethany. Texts discovered in the mid-20th century provoked controversy and raised further questions about the nature of her relations with Jesus.

Joanne Anderson
Lecturer in Art History at the Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Study, University of London
Eamon Duffy
Emeritus Professor of the History of Christianity at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Magdalene College
Joan Taylor
Professor of Christian Origins and Second Temple Judaism at King’s College London