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Home Power

***all good things must come to an end*** Home Power Inc. will be publishing the final edition of Home Power magazine in November 2018. This November/December issue (HP188) will end the magazine’s 31-year publishing run. Advertisements

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10 Reasons Not to Install Solar –

All the more reason for me to DO IT! This “article” may discourage you, but it won’t discourage me. I will get this done! ~Baahd Wolf Sharing without permission from Okay, okay… I really do have permission – yes, … Continue reading

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Rest, in Peace (daddy)…

from your brothers and sisters 1942-2018

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Saturday Matinee: Soaked in Bleach

Originally posted on Desultory Heroics:
You Decide: “Soaked in Bleach” expounds on the events leading up to Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994 By Bryan Thomas Source: Night Flight In 2015, Benjamin Statler produced, wrote and directed Soaked in Bleach, a…

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VIDEO How CIA hid their MKULTRA mind control program – ‘The More Google Knows the Easier It Is to Manipulate You’

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VIDEO School Shooting Plot Exposed: You Wont Believe who Set it Up – Police Firing Blanks Before School Shooting

… and the truth shall set you free

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FBI paid Geek Squad staff to be informants, docs show

This does not surprise me, not in the least

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On The Future Of The Internet

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Only fools rush in

Originally posted on One day at a time:
And so I will start where I left off 2 days ago. In my post “Perception”, I left off with the following quote from the TV show of the same name: Does…

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Originally posted on One day at a time:
As with many people, binge watching TV shows has become “one of my things”. God bless the Netflix and Hulu! The difference between me and alot of other people is that I…

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Big Pharma Company To Patent THC, CBD As Cancer Cures

Originally posted on Nwo Report:
Big Pharma company, GW Pharmaceuticals, has received approval on a patent giving them the exclusive rights to treat cancer patients with marijuana.  GW Pharmaceuticals has been issued a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office…

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Still Using Snopes To Fact Check? PLEASE Just Say Nope to Snopes!

Originally posted on Absolute Truth from the Word of God:
It horrifies me when Conservative Christians come to me and say “I fact checked this on Snopes and they said it’s not true.” Just say NOPE to SNOPES!   This…

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The Significance of Long Hair – Robbie’s Corner

The Significance of Long Hair by: Robbie Theer’nigor Last time, I discussed about the Energy of Long Hair, including beards for men. Going deeper, I finally knew the significance of long hair. This essay will support the very reason why … Continue reading

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Return of the Housewife

My wife hasn’t worked since we married. Sure, sometimes it’s a bit tough, but through the thick and thin of it, we are still together.

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Consensus Details H pylori Testing, Treatment for US Patients

Originally posted on SOMEONE SOMEWHERE:
A new consensus document defining who should be tested and treated for Helicobacter pylori (H pylori) infection has been issued by 11 experts after their participation in the Houston Consensus Conference on Testing for H.…

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Want to Go Green ? Here’s a tip – Use Solar Energy

If you are concerned for the environment and looking to opt the best options to Go Green, then this article will help you for sure. Solar energy is the best available option for any other alternative source of energy. The…

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Watch “The Real Origins of Easter, Ishtar, Ostara, Inanna & Astro-Theology” on YouTube

Originally posted on Defending Sanity in the Uppity Down World:

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Messenger Shiva Part 3: Synchromysticism

Originally posted on Butterfly Language:
I. THE COMIC BOOK THAT PREDICTED THE FUTURE Even as late as 2007, the synchronicity still haunted me. On September 12, 2001, the comic book The Adventures Of Superman #596 hit stands (are there really “stands”…

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Messenger Shiva Part 2: The Matrixness Intensifies

Originally posted on Butterfly Language:
This is the ultimate narrative I’ve always wanted to write—something that brings together my own life with politics, metaphysics, internet culture, and just general weirdness. This a journey that began in the aftermath of 9/11, and…

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Tips and Types of Solar Panels

When you plan to go for solar energy you should keep following tips in mind. Moreover, these tips will help you better understand how solar energy can have effective benefits over time. Changing your current energy systems to solar energy…

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You’re being watched (and maybe you’re okay with it)

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