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Play Infocom Adventures Online

Originally posted on Old School Game Blog:
Hi everyone, If you’re interested in old text adventure games, then I’ve got some good news for you. Did you know that you can play such games Online using your Internet browser? There’s…

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Cannabis Harms: Here’s the science that proves it | Cannabis Skunk Sense

***uhhh… GARBAGE *** I don’t know what to say about this. ***Just shaking my head

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Recycling at work… GARBAGE

For a number of years, we have had a recycling program going on where I work. They have these bins for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. While it is true that not all employees will make use of the receptacles, … Continue reading

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99% PROOF: The 4 Greatest Enemies of the State

How do we know that our society is profoundly sick? 1.) Our society pollutes the air it needs to breathe. 2.) Our society pollutes the water it needs to drink. 3.) Our society pollutes the food it needs to eat. … Continue reading

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requesting *positive* thoughts

THE RETURN OF HELL BOY (no, not the movie) . . . The boy from hell has come home

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10 Important Symptoms of Depression

Originally posted on The Oily Guru:
I am posting this article as a result of my unsuccessful attempt to get off anti-depressants after 30 years.  The holidays make depression worse, especially when you are alone.  After a MAJOR downward spiral…

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Tesla Technology Has Been Revived (VIDEO)

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DIVINE PRESENCE: The Physics of Karma You Never Learned in School – By Rosanne Lindsay, ND

Originally posted on RIELPOLITIK:
Source – – “…Each of our actions or deeds, taken together, then amplifies the outcome for all of us. If we are each focused in fear, we co-create a collective reality of fear. Fear breeds…

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MIND GAMES: The ‘Happiness’ Trap? – By Gavin Nascimento

Originally posted on RIELPOLITIK:
Source – – “…The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government”…

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For the record…

I am a “pink skin” NOT “white”… Human, is my race

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Fact: Many Heroic Black People In American History Have Been Kept Absent From School History Books

Originally posted on Reality Decoded:
This may sound strange and almost impossible for most but many heroic American black people have intentionally been kept out of the history books in American schools. These are people who put their lives on…

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Originally posted on Curious Sorcery:
2 Comments 16 Last Updated on November 4th, 2018 Save IS THE 11:11 CODE FOLLOWING YOU EVERYWHERE? Do you always seem to glance at your phone at 11:11? Do repeating 1s seem to pop up…

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I’m Beginning To Hate Hallowe’en

Originally posted on WD Fyfe:
I’m beginning to hate Hallowe’en.  Why?  Let me count the ways.  But first, a little background.  I remember when Hallowe’en was the second biggest celebration of the year – right behind Christmas.  (St. Paddy’s Day…

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Equality. How real is it?

Originally posted on One day at a time…:
It has been recently announced that the new Doctor Who will be played by a female. Great! Fantastic! Is it? I have no clue; never watched that series; never heard of that actress…

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On numerology

Originally posted on The Plan For The Future:
If you intend to give your critics a field day, just mention astrology or numerology in your argument. They may burst out laughing. Numerology is a way to give meaning to events using…

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Everything At Once – The Video Of Reality Chaos

Originally posted on Reality Decoded:
I wanted to see what it would look like if I stuffed some of the stranger aspects of our reality into one very fast and densely packed video. The results I call chaos reality.

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Michael (2018)

Hold on to your hat!

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STANDBY for an important message from your one and only pez-head gaaahg me

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How much power do you need?

Originally posted on Living a Simple and Sustainable Lifestyle.:
Many people, living modern lifestyles, will use as much as 30KW/h per day, in a few cases even higher than that.  Though how much power do you really need to keep…

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The Truman Show : A Reflection ( __ .. ._.. )

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Would you rather live in a perfectly fabricated lie or in an uncertain & formidable reality? ? To begin with, the movie “The Truman Show” revolves around the seemingly normal life of Truman Burbank. Unbeknownst to him…

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What’s the Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

Originally posted on Healing Naturally 420:
Hemp and marijuana are two popular names for the cannabis plant. Cannabis and Hemp are often used interchangeably, but they are different! Hemp refers to the variety of the plant that doesn’t have the psychoactive…

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