My Mac Daddy

My Dad, he does well at being 73 years old, but I gotta say, he is a character at times. Recently, while visiting him in Florida, it came up on suppertime, him being the type that eats fast food, mentioned Burger King. He doesn’t like the drive through so much so he parked the car… Continue reading My Mac Daddy

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ARIZONA AND HAWAII DON’T “DO” IT! When will it be time for all of America – – Oops, I mean the whole world, to do the same? Most Americans don’t see the benefit of Daylight Saving Time: only 37% believe it to be worth the hassle in a 2013 Rasmussen poll (down from… Continue reading DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME:

Level of consciousness vs happiness –

You wake-up, swallow a cup of coffee, grab your stuff and rush to disappear in the tube. Same stations, same people, same situations are over and over again. Every day. Every month. Every year. You live as a “sleeping walker” losing your “today” and constantly waiting that one day everything will change … ***Click… Continue reading Level of consciousness vs happiness –

7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question : Waking Times

Misconceptions take root in our minds very easily. It takes a determined spirit to weed out all the brainwashing and programming we have taken on. Many people never question certain ideas or conceptions they have. They stop at the phrase itself without any further investigation, almost as though the phrase itself has some kind of magic… Continue reading 7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question : Waking Times

Health Atrocities that are Viewed as Normal

I’m not judgmental when people tell me the health atrocities they believe in or subscribe to, because quite frankly, it’s usually not their fault—instead they’ve been conditioned into thinking how they do. When you hear or see something enough times and everyone around you feels the same way or does the same thing, it becomes… Continue reading Health Atrocities that are Viewed as Normal

The cruelty of kindness

On Friday 19 December 2014, approximately 60 dogs and other animals were rescued from atrocious conditions in Sequatchie County, Tennessee. Photo by Kathy Milani/The Humane Society of the United St… Source: The cruelty of kindness

The Future of Mind Control

Erasing and implanting memories has long been an inspiration for many Hollywood films, most notably movies like Inception, Total Recall, or Dark City. But this idea sounds so far fetched that most … Source: The Future of Mind Control

Incubating eggs

So our neighbor down the road, is in the market for some chickens. It looks like we will be putting our incubator to work. The sad thing is, my wife isn’t even charging her. I don’t have a problem with helping a neighbor out, (it’s only a dozen) mind you, I just hope the local… Continue reading Incubating eggs

RSO (cannabis oil)

I’m sharing this, because sharing is caring How to: cannabis oil Denny M Anderson This should only be made in places that legally permit it! I almost did serious time because of cannabis. You have been warned. LoL Alright I just read this recipe for RSO. BULLSHIT! Naptha!? No way! Naptha causes cancer! Butane!? Now… Continue reading RSO (cannabis oil)

Spring forward Fall back

I originally posted this on Facebook back in October: So, I’m going into surgery this weekend. *** I’m having a foot cut off and then it’s being sewn onto my head. According to my reasearch this should help me in my everyday life. I’m going to try this for six months if it doesn’t work… Continue reading Spring forward Fall back

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Video that will change your life

Just so you are aware, I share this video often. It has a powerful message.   Video post. Source: Video that will change your life

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The Queen of bread….

Disclaimer:  this post is my opinion only.  I neither endorse nor condemn the opinions and advice of Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz or Dr. William Davis. I’m sure all of you have seen the Weigh… Source: The Queen of bread….

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I don’t think of death often, I mean why should I? Everyone born, must also experience death, right? But like I said, I don’t think of it often… The other night was one such night. I don’t know if it was a dream or what, but I woke up thinking of those final moments of… Continue reading Mortality

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WordPress vs Facebook

So here I am in the second month of my six month facebook vacation. Feeling somewhat bored, I decided to get off my rear and create a blog site. *btw, WordPress is new to me, so bare with me on the looks of my page* Now I fear I am getting hooked, not exactly what… Continue reading WordPress vs Facebook

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