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RSO (cannabis oil)

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How to: cannabis oil
Denny M Anderson

This should only be made in places that legally permit it! I almost did serious time because of cannabis. You have been warned. LoL

Alright I just read this recipe for RSO. BULLSHIT! Naptha!? No way! Naptha causes cancer! Butane!? Now you are going to make earwax or shatter if tempered. Not RSO.
I have been making Rick Simpson Oil for several years and the recipe given in this article is complete nonsense.
Here kids. You want cancer medicine? I will tell you how. Class is in session.
I make a form if RSO that I perfected and there are very important variances. The solvent being #1
Please do not vary from this recipe. I call this oil My God It’s Full Of Stars, because whem properly made, there are tiny star like glitter in this oil. These are compounds used to kill cancer. CBD’s, CBN’s, THC, & Chlorophyll. These compounds do the work.
1 oz of cannabis. Can be sugar shake, or bud. NOT DRIED! Properly cured.
A 750ml bottle of Everclear pure grain alcohol.
Never wash the weed in plastic bowels. Plastic is a major cause of cancer. Glass only. Wooden spoon is good.
Place the cannabis in the bowel and pour enough alcohol to cover the weed if it wouldn’t float, but it does so use discretion. Mix vigorously for two minutes. Now take this mixture and pour it all into a cotton garlic bag. Weed and alcohol. Place it carefully into the bag, and then tie the bag shut. Do not allow ANY cannabis into the deep dish pyrex baking dish you will use to cook the alcohol off in. And now squeeze the garlic bag, straining all the alcohol into the pyrex dish.
Now empty the cannabis back into the wash bowel and repeat the wash process and squeeze the alcohol once again. You can toss the weed now into compost.
All the chemicals are suspended in the alcohol.
Now you need to cook it and evaporate all the alcohol you have in the pyrex.
Get a large pan that the pyrex dish fits loosely inside. Enough water in that pan to float the pyrex dish 1 inch from the bottom of the water bath pan. Before you place the pyrex dish in the water bath. Bring the water to a boil. Water boils at 210 degrees F. This is too hot!
So monitor the water and keep it about 180-190F.
Cooking thermometer works well.
Once temp is right. Turn your stove way down. Do not allow this solvent near an open flame. This is why we cook it off in a water bath. It will ignite to direct flames! But water bathing the pyrex is very safe.
Let there be slight boil bubbles in the water, but not roiling at all. Do not contaminate the solvent mixture with water. Now slowly evaporate all the solvent away. Allowing the pyrex to be suspended 1 inch the whole time. It will dance in the bath, tapping the bottom of the bath pan. This creates oxygen in the solvent while boiling off. A good thing.
It takes quite a while to boil the solvent. About 2 hours. Once the solvent gets down to about 1/2inch deep,something I call the leopard happens. The solvent will look black, and its actually the darkest green you will ever see. A bloom of leopard like spots appears in the oil at this point. You need to now use a spatula to keep folding the oil till it begins to bubble around the edges. Smell it. There should be no smell of alcohol when it is done cooking. It will be thick. Look black. And if it was all done EXACTLY as I instructed, have tiny tiny green stars of light in the oil. It is done.
Now. Dosing instructions.
Only use a couple of rice grain size drops. 3 times a day.
You should yield 5-9 grams of oil from an oz of cannabis.
Use left over grain alcohol to clean your utensils with. It works best.
Do not keep this oil exposed to direct sun light. It destroys compounds.
Be safe & namaste!


Spring forward Fall back

I originally posted this on Facebook back in October:

So, I’m going into surgery this weekend. ***
I’m having a foot cut off and then it’s being sewn onto my head. According to my reasearch this should help me in my everyday life. I’m going to try this for six months if it doesn’t work out, I’m going to reverse the procedure in the spring.
I’ll let you know how it goes. 😉

Next month will be the 6th month anniversary of that surgery. I can tell you right now, things haven’t gone well.
Almost time to reverse that procedure.


Video that will change your life

Just so you are aware, I share this video often. It has a powerful message.


Video post.

Source: Video that will change your life


The Queen of bread….

Disclaimer:  this post is my opinion only.  I neither endorse nor condemn the opinions and advice of Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz or Dr. William Davis. I’m sure all of you have seen the Weigh…

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I don’t think of death often, I mean why should I? Everyone born, must also experience death, right?
But like I said, I don’t think of it often… The other night was one such night. I don’t know if it was a dream or what, but I woke up thinking of those final moments of life. Not for me, well it didn’t start out that way, mind you. But my thoughts were of several of my deceased pets. Some old, some too young.
I don’t know what brought me to those thoughts, but thinking about them, left a heavy heart in my chest.
And that’s just the pets… Never mind the people.
Ahhh, but death is just another part of the journey.


WordPress vs Facebook

So here I am in the second month of my six month facebook vacation. Feeling somewhat bored, I decided to get off my rear and create a blog site.
*btw, WordPress is new to me, so bare with me on the looks of my page*
Now I fear I am getting hooked, not exactly what I intended. So little like facebook, but in some ways, so much alike, as well. I spend my time jumping from one blog to another, a whole other world that I knew existed, but never imagined I would visit. LoL
I’m happy to be here, but…… 
So little time, so much to do.
~ see ya later