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Video (otw) William Cooper

William (Bill) Cooper, like him or not, he did have a point.  Things are bad and getting worse.

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Video (otw) Disco Inferno

Kickin it all the way back to 1976 (shaking it too) 

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Video (otw) Flat Earth…

… debunking?  Hahaha very funny ** Believe in “it” or not, it’s very intriguing ** I guess, in the end, it is what you are “taught” that really matters. 

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Video (otw) Sacred Geometry 

Sacred Geometry, taught in a Donald Duck Cartoon * Enjoy! *

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Video (otw) ~Enya

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Video (otw) Blackmore’s Night 

Ghost of a Rose

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Video (otw) Conspiracy Rock 

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Video (otw) R.E.M. 

​Everybody Hurts (official music video) 

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Video (otw) Pink Floyd

Another Brick in the wall (pt 2) 

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Video (otw)  ** Beatles ** 

In memory of my daughter  Kimberlee J Deinema(November 20, 1991 – January 24, 2017) “Across The Universe”

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