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Video (otw) Signs -71

Five Man Electrical Band Pay attention and watch for the signs. They are everywhere, but not always easy to see. Advertisements

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Video (otw) Everybody Run… *87*

… The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun

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Video (otw) Coconut Oil Kills

Tongue in cheek people *not to be taken literally*

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Video (otw) Pac-man Fever 

Pac-man Fever  This is number 42 in the Billboards top 100 songs of 1982 Welcome to Buckner and Garcia’s world

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Video (otw) ~Paul Carrack

When My Little Girl Is Smiling 

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Video (otw) ***My Dinner with Andre

​My dinner with Andre **inconceivable! 

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Video (otw) Hello Again

*what can I say, I love this song Cars

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Video (otw) ***Dedicated to (Karen) my wife

Air Supply Even the nights are better

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Video (otw) ***Doghouse

***first a little back story*** Here at our house we celebrate Giftmas in July and while the day is fast approaching even I know better than to give cleaning type gifts, for special days. We needed a new vacuum so … Continue reading

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Video (otw) Simple Minds 1985

Don’t You Forget About Me

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