One Life to Live

Death; and secrets left behind 

My daughter died just three weeks ago, and since that time we have uncovered things that she was keeping to herself, but more importantly are the things she was not keeping.

Things that make that list;

She had no life insurance, no Will,  no power of attorney, so there is (uhh) that problem; we have no “legal” right to have custody of her child; our only grandchild, nor are we able to locate a birth certificate. (We do have have a social security card though, that’s a plus, right?) 

*just breathe, just breathe*

No tax records from last year, or any year, for that matter.  We are also stuck with her last payroll check, her bank (our bank) says they will not honor. First, the bank claims that she has never had an account, then they said her account was closed because she had overdrawn her account (there’s more to that story, I promise you). Which is it, no account or overdrawn account? ~but I digress 

*just breathe, just breathe*

Then there is a cell phone, we can not unlock, a facebook account we can not administer.

*just breathe, just breathe*

Please, for the sake of all that matters… please be prepared. If you’re young, write out a Will, make a power of attorney. Plan your estate. Be prepared. If you’re older, and you haven’t already done so, do the same. Don’t leave your estate in limbo, or worse; let the government determine who gets what. Even if you have nothing, who will take care of your final matters, without something in place.

This has been a wake up call even for my wife and I. We have so much left to do. We should not leave things undone.

Sure, the dead have no worries, but why make more stress for the living?


… oh yeah, anyone willing to adopt any one my late daughters three cats?

Take care of what matters, or someone else will. 

Be prepared… and breathe, just breathe. 

One Life to Live

Remembering my daughter ~ The Obituary

Kimberlee J. Deinema


MIDWAY – Kimberlee J. Deinema, 25, passed away on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, at home.

She lived in Midway the past four years and was a longtime resident of New Hampshire and Illinois. She worked at the 204 Animal Hospital. She was a unique and loving person with a compassion for animals.

She is survived by one daughter, Kennedy Beal; mother and stepfather, Karen and Kenneth Taylor of Midway; father, Jeffery Deinema of Chicago; four siblings, Blaine Deinema, Stephen Deinema, Cole Fogel and Katherine Fogel; maternal grandmother, Beverly Seeley; and several cousins, aunts and uncles.

A memorial service will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017, at Carter Funeral Home Bryan Chapel in Richmond Hill. A reception will follow.

Carter Funeral Home Bryan Chapel will oversee the arrangements.


Like a butterfly waking from its cocoon, Kimberlee is flying high


Grandmother’s Facebook post about 17-year-old’s overdose touches hearts |

Heroin took my daughter away. Life will never be the same. 

In the midst of an overdose crisis sweeping across the country, a heartfelt letter penned by a grandmother of a 17-year-old Victoria woman who passed away from an overdose just days before Christmas has struck a chord online.
In her Facebook post, Diane Larose Klimek, whose granddaughter Beth Klimek passed away on Dec. 22, wrote:
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“She will never come back, I will never see her smile again, she will never hug me again, I will never hear, ‘I love you gramma’ or ‘I hate you gramma’ … Today she started to become a memory, when just a short time ago we were making our own.”

One Life to Live

BREATHE…  just breathe. (death knocks on my door) 

Death came to my door recently. My eldest daughter, mistakenly let him in and he took her away from us. She was twenty-five. So young, so so young.